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You sound just like me. I am a mom to 2 boys, 2 and 5 (and an Air Force wife to boot!). My mom was a yeller growing up. I remember crying so much, not because I was in trouble, but because it hurt my ears. I swore I would never yell like that. Well, when my oldest son was just about the same age as your daughter, I had the same experience as you. I had a miscarriage and I actually started to become a SAHM during that time. I haven't stopped yelling since. And it's been a few years now. I hate the guilt. Every night I think, "Tommorow's a new day, I'll be more patient." Or I'll pray for patience.

I had been on Celexa/Lexapro since ds #1 was a baby for PPD, but just stayed on it. I've tried a few more here and there and I'm still the same way. I keep thinking if they could only invent a "chill pill"! I am seeing a Physchiatrist. I was worried about going, but my PCP had referred me since he couldn't get a med to work on me right. I thought it would be like the movies, too, lying on the couch, lol. Turns out that a PSYCHOLOGIST. My Psychiatrist just talks to me a little, just enough to know what's going on in my life and what he needs to change with my meds. Still haven't found the magic potion, I guess. I know nothing will help 100% without me trying first, but I just want to feel normal and not have this dark cloud over me.

I'm not sure if we can post emails here, but just in case it's: [email protected] if you want to chat. Sorry mods if I wasn't supposed to do that.


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