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I was switched from Xanax to Klonopin about two weeks ago. I had been on Xanax for a few years as needed and was up to 1 mg sometimes 4 times a day. Two pills 1 mg each were always saved for night time as I have had insomnia as well as anxiety for years. To be quite honest, I really miss the Xanax. It did give me the 'instant' calm that I guess I was addicted to and didnt realize it. Anyway went to a new pdoc and he switched me saying that Klonopin isnt nearly as addictive etc. I like the Klonopin ok, and it seems to in the long run, do the same thing but it doesnt help me to fall assleep at night like the Xanax did or instantly calm me when I was having a bad hour, or moment! It does seem to last longer once it gets in my stystem and start working but I am not sure if I am getting the same thing from it or not yet. I am confused and think most of my hesitation is just "anxiety" about weather its working as well. Who needs anxiety from your anxiety meds ya know??? Anyway, I am going back for my second visit with this pdoc on Monday and will definately tell him I am not sure if I like the Klonopin or not yet. Am not sure if I want to go back to the Xanax either though as I dont want to be "addicted". I am not sure what to do....I guess I will have to wait and see what his recommendations are! Good luck....Sorry I probably didnt help much but I have been on them on both and do see a difference. I am however, confused about the whole half life thing myself..

Good luck and keep me posted.........what drug are you on now???


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