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Hi my first post here, found the site by searching magnesium for anxiety!

Im 28 year old male and have been struggling with anxiety for about 6 years. I have good days and bad days. Usually the anxiety starts off due to slight pains that make me think im going to have a heart attack but im all clear in that department.

I also get panic attacks going to the cinema and doing anything fun to be honest... Gigs... Football matches... Lazer shooting, Go Karting. Also anything that has a slight possibility of confrontation eg a slight disagreement at work anything sends my anxiety levels through the roof..

On top of that my axiety is now coupled with palpitations (last 6 months or so) When its bad they kick in every few seconds and its horrible! Docs say they are benign or something so nothing to worry about (easier said than done)

I have never tried any medication from the docs but I have heard good things about magnesium for both. I also get anxious about taking any medication so I would like to start small and see how it goes...

Would Magnesium 375Mg be good to try? It does say womens health on that so i dont know what to do but the does seems about right?

Thanks for your help in advance
Wouldn't harm to try it :)

When I was having panic attacks some years ago my Doctor switched my blood pressure medication to a beta blocker which took care of the panic attacks and the migraines I had long suffered medication isn't all bad
Once I was better I went back on my normal BP pill

One tip I know of is to have an elastic band on your wrist and when you feel the panic coming on ping the elastic to try and divert yourself from things progressing
I have heard mixed things about side effects i have read it causes the heart rate to rise which would be really bad as worrying about my heart causes me alot of anxiety..

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