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Hello. I'm now desperate for information from others who are going through what I've been going through for several months now.
I have a feeling of disequilibrium constantly. (not vertigo, its more a feeling of imbalance or being pushed in a direction). I get headaches, ringing in ears, out of body feelings, tingling, panic attacks, fear I have a brain tumour.
Just had an MRI scan, haven't got results yet, am going a bit crazy.
I've seen an ear specialist (he ordered the MRI). My doctor is convinced its all anxiety, my chiro is convinced its the nerves in my neck, my ear specialist is convinced its inner ear - ARGHH.
I've also had ECG's, ultrasounds, chest xrays, breathing tests, blood tests.
I've had ear and headache problems for 3 years now, and I had 1st panic attack around same time. Since then, anxiety has got much worse. In the last 2 months I've had 3 panic attacks with racing heartbeat (before this it was just like general anxiety).
Is there anyone out there who can empathise with me, it helps sooo much to hear my problems may not be fatal, and especially that I'm not alone and going insane.

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