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Sep 24, 2003

I am on the Heart Disorders board alot but I wanted to come by here and ask a few things... I am starting to lose hope that my doctors will find what is wrong with me.

Please if anyone can or feels like it go to the Heart Disorders Board and check out my topic "Scared" you should see it on the first page. I would type all the symptoms here but it is 4 pages long and my symtoms have gotten worse. So thanks if you do have the time to check it out. :)

My question is: Can anxiety/stress mess your system up so bad that you don't want to eat/drink? I have notcied since I got my "illness" a month ago that my chest would growl alot and now it has gotten bad. It doesn't want anything... I try to sip on water or eat and it goes nuts... it gets tight and growls... I feel sick and I keep burping air. I feel like it gets stuck near my heart and then I hurt there or get skipped beats. I have been eating oddly... but I was eating. I would sometimes skip every meal until dinner because I felt so sick and weird. But I would try to get in 2 meals. Today I haven't had anything... I did have 1 glass of water but even the water makes my stomache go nuts. Last night I had weird sensations going through my body after I got hurting under my right ribs. I thought... "oh no... it's my liver or something." I would go to burp and it would get cought half way up and would make me cough. The left side of my chest near my breast hurts and I worry it is my heart... my heart feels odd or so I think and it skips beats alot. I feel Like I need to go to the bathroom then I can't... but last night I had diareeah and it hurts so bad that I didn't know what was going on. My stools stay yellow or brownish and sometimes it is like dog kibble(sorry I know it is gross) I am so worried. Sitting here now I feel like I have to burp and I get this heavy growling in the left side of my stomach... it sometimes is so intense that it kinda hurts or burns. I am scared that something is wrong with my digestive system or it is going to affect my heart and I am going to drop. I don't know... I am only 16 and my doctors don't know what to think. I am getting a stress test tomorrow... I am worried because my heart skips so much and it feels so odd and I get out of breath/tired easy now.


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