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i have posted on here before regarding my driving anxiety. its the only anxiety i get. its awful and has gotten worse over the past 5 years or so. im 25 now...but never had this issue in college. didn't experience a wreck or anything...but its my biggest fear. being in a car accident.

my panic is usually ONLY on the interstate. its the speed that scares me. trucks bother me, people who get on your tail at 80mph piss me off, weavers piss me off, RAIN makes me a wreck. if its raining i will take back roads and avoid the interstate. i don't trust my 95 toyota corrolla...i have thoughts of hydroplaning..and panic to have to apply brakes in the rain for fear of spinning out of control. when i see brake lights on the interstate, im always 5 cars ahead of myself predicting things...very defensive driver.

now as a passenger im just as bad. one drive with my boyfriend through a storm on the interstate, i just sat there with tears rolling down my face, feeling so scared, and not having any control...

i feel inside, when this happens, like ive just run a marathon...constant fight or flight...adrenaline just pumpin and it sucks so bad. i wish i could just turn it off. my boyfriend is very patient with me though...

it got so bad i was giving myself horrible indigestion/cramping/stomach problems monthly...just from build up...and my dr put me on lexapro. im on 20mg now. (have never taken any kind of medications)...and doing well.

just drove 7 hours to tampa and back last weekend...THANK GOD IT DIDN"T RAIN...i had a rental car that was nice, and i felt safe in. big panicks...a bit of nerves from time to time, but nothing big.

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