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I had an anxiety problem a couple of months ago probably associated with benzo withdrawal and nicotine withdrawal or maybe just because it happenend I don't know. But I do know that it went away after some time and I was feeling great. Then last week I all of a sudden started to feel wierd again. I remember reading stuff about depersonalization on this board, and i started to feel like that. I was at work making a sandwich (at a sub shoppe) and all of a sudden i just feel like i'm out of my body watching my self do it or that something else is controlling me. I started to get a wierd spasm in my hand that was lasting for a week. This depersonalization feeling isn't there when i wake up but it usually happens later in the day and is sometimes triggered when i'm at the computer or watching tv. i wasn't able to drink alcohol this summer because it would cause heavy depersonalization and anxious feelings, but this went away as the anxiety problem went away. So i began drinking alcohol again when my anxiety went away, and i felt fine for a couple of weeks. I also began smoking again but only while drinking. So i thought maybe it was because i was going through nicotine withdrawal, but i don't think that is the case. Is it normal to recur like this out of the blue when i've been feeling better for months? Could this be from drinking again or smoking cigarrettes? thank you for reading, sorry if its hard to read, i have that cloudy head feeling as i type this.

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