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[quote]Originally posted by chicago1025:
[b] iv never posted on a board like this or any board as a matter of fact, my dr started me on paxil cr 12.5 and ativan as needed.. i started taking it yesterday and have been doing nothing but reading these post,s and to be very honest im scared now, seeing all the bad things people have to say about paxil cr,has anyone had anything good come outa paxil cr.. i really wanna give it a try because im at my wit,s end with all this anxiety, but reading all the bad..geeeshhhhh please someone help me and tell me paxil isnt as bad as some people say it is[/b][/quote]

Hi chicago1025....
I too am from Chicago lol and I just took my first Paxil CR this morning (12.5mg). I took regular Paxil in the past and it seemed to help at first but I didn't give it much of a chance cause I had stated drinking and stopped taking the paxil for the most part. Just recently I tried Wellbutrin (antidepressant) which also goes by the name of Zyban (to help people quit smoking) and it seemed like it made my anxiety worse so the doc took me off of that. I too get scared after reading some of the posts that say negative stuff about what you're taking but not everyone is the same and what some might experience others may not. I'm suppose to be taking Klonopin also but it's making me extremely dizzy and gives me a spaced out kind of feeling and almost a depressing feeling. I decided to stop that and take xanax as needed. I know it takes a couple of weeks for the medication to start working so we'll just have to wait and see. Good luck! :)


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