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Re: Big setback..:(
Oct 17, 2003
Hi and thanks for your posts. I had an emergency appt with my psych yesterday and he wasnt there when i got there so that just added to my newfound "anger" which i think is my way of dealing now with all this. They have upped my zoloft not to long ago and think maybe thats it...they are upping my xanax as well because of the tremors and anger. The on call doc called me this morning to tell me to continue the zoloft (150mg) and now ill have 1mg xanax to take 3 times a day or as needed. Xanax has always calmed me down and i dont believe the tremors are from that. As for the head injury well it was a app 6 foot iron partition type door (Standing straight up) in a dept store (wish i could say which one so others would be aware of how negligent they are seein how im not the only person this has happend to from this place) anyhow it fell and i didnt see it coming and it cracked and split the right side of my head open requiring staples to close the wound. I could go on and on about the symptoms like concussion, vertigo, short term memory loss, now permanant damage to shoulder and neck muscles bulging discs and so on. I also now have partial complex seizures due to the head injury so i wasnt and still am not sure whats causing all this. The psychiatrist had just recently upped my zoloft and they think that may be playing a part in the tremors so in turn are upping my anxiety meds as the ER doc suggested. Im on 2000mg keppra for seizures, now 150mg zoloft and xanax. I cant drive because of the seizures and draw as i was an artist let alone the other stresses (my sister with the lupus in her brain and all) im wondering if i just got ovverwhelmed and exploded but i just dont understand why the tremors are here when they werent before the major anxiety attack. Im just sooo confused and even with insurance we are sapped because of the different meds they had to try me on the copays which are higher for mental health and the time my husband has had to take off to bring me to the docs. There is a lawsuit going on but in the mean time we are paying for all this. UGGh i rambled again. I just want to be who i was and yes im slowly accepting things...ive accepted the physical part (cept the tremors until i find the reason why) but i am also diagnosed with PTSD/anxiety/panic/severe depression because of the limitations and new life i lead...its hard because i have 4 kids ages 2..3..5..and 7. I have become somewhat agoraphobic because the last time i went out i had a panic attack that led into a small seizure. Im not really feeling sorry for myself please understand, im more angry because im uneducated on alot and i want to be better than this whacko ive become.(no offense to anyone else thats just how i feel about me) thanks for the post and keep the replies coming because i could use any info at all ....thanks again

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