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I've been on celexa for a few years, and while it helped with the worst symptoms of depression and anxiety, for me it did not help me get completely better. Maybe it decreased the severity of symptoms by half, but I'd say that it's probably more like 20 to 30 % better.

I asked to try lexapro instead as it's a similar med that's been more effective with GAD.

I am miserable with side effects right now, though. My hands are shaking. I feel terribly anxious, my stomach is all twisted up and I have diarrhea. I don't mean to be gross, but my rectum is getting really raw and sore with it. If someone has a good home remedy for that, I'd appreciate hearing it. I also feel pretty hopeless and fairly disoriented and am getting waves of terror.

Coming onto antidepressants has always been a complete nightmare for me. I seem to have a sensitivity to side effects, especially during the adjustment period. I've done it four times, including this time with escitalopram. Only the celexa made a positive difference. The others did not seem to help.

So idk, how long should I expect this to last? Does anyone have anything helpful to recommend? The last time I got some time release seroquel to help with the adjustment period. I have some, now, but that is an extremely heavy drug that I don't like to take. They're 150 mg, too, which is like a knock you on your *** or just completely out for 24 hours dose level. I think I will ask the pharmacist if they will still be time released if I cut them in thirds. I don't like taking more drugs than I have to, I guess.

Also, I am just feeling lonely, scared and in a state of despair, though I do feel that first half pill of escitalopram starting to leave my system. It's getting to be more like a "normal" despair instead of the desperate and confused one I had a couple of hours ago.

So I am feeling miserable and don't really have anyone to talk to about it. So I am talking to you, whomever you are. I hope this will help, at least a bit.

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