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I am new to the boards. I wanted to introduce myself and tell my story in hopes of getting some support, insight, and encouragement as i again start the process of dealing with an episode of depression and anxiety. I am going to apologize in advance for how long this post is...

I am 35 yo male who iives in Minnesota. This is my 4th bout of depression in my life, the first occurring when I was 17. I have anxious depression, and it typically has been induced by severe stress and/or medication changes. I've been battling out this most recent one since late spring, although my "fuse" didnt officially go out until about 2 weeks ago when I went into a 24/7 high anxiety state after dealing with a series of stressful work situations.

I previously took Topamax, Prozac, and Klonopin for many years with successful results.
However, nearly two years ago, I developed a kidney stone and had to discontinue the Topamax. Things slowly started to slip from there. My new psychiatrist recently tried to reintroduce the Topamax, but it agitated me so much that i had to discontinue it after a month. She also increased my Prozac from 10 to 15 MGS last week, and that has been miserable. I have anxiety, panic, restlessness, and my legs are twitching. She is very apprehensive about making additional changes as she has gone out of her way to make adjustments aggressively, but I feel so lousy that I do not know what to do. I am literally counting the days until I see her, but I am afraid that nothing will improve.

I'm currently taking 15 MGS Prozac, 200 MGS Neurontin, 600 MGS NAC, and .5 Klonopin. My meds are basically a mess right now, and I have no idea on where to start to fix this, and I can't operate in high anxiety 24/7. I feel hopeless. I just want my life back. I am anxious, depressed, and scared.

So there is my post, I know it is a bit long winded and depressing... but it is my way of trying to manage these emotions. Any insights, encouragement, or strategies that you can offer would be much appreciated.


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