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Its probably addiction, it is nasty, unfortunately.

If your Anxiety is General, Social or even Obsessive I would recommend talking to your GP/doctor about trying to find away to come off Xanax and using Escitalopram. Its an SSRI but also a potent anti-anxiolytic. Its not habit forming and not addictive with little side effects (Sexual dysfuntion most common). Its got a much safer profile for long-term use and you know it helps you to just calm, see clearly and if you use it in conjunction with therapy who knows you may be able to go pill free one day!

I know people who have had benzo addictions that swear by it or its early brother Citalopram (this is not as potent and its uses for anxiety are off-label).

If you are from UK talk to your GP they will help . They may not let you take escitalopram straight away and start you on citalopram (its cheaper for them).

Good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon. :)

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