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Hi Forrester,
Thank you for your reply and concern. Yes I had a head injury in January when a 5 ft iron door (standing straight up) fell and split the right side of my head. I received staples and told i had a bad concussion and vertigo. That was just the first of it...throughout the months i have been to a neurologist..a chiropractor/therepist...a neuro psychologist and a psychiatrist. I have found out slowly throught the months proceeding Jan that I have partial complex seizures, a bulging disc in my neck from a form of whiplash, permanant damage to neck and right shoulder muscles...i have been diagnosed PTSD/panic/anxiety/severe depression because of the limitations this has put on me. Cannot drive due to seizures until controlled for a specific time by fla state law...was an artist but i also now have bilateral carparal tunnel syndrome...i have glasses now cuz coincidentally they think my vision is now worse and during a cranial mri they found a 5mm by 9mm pineal cyst. It has been very hard adjusting as well as my family adjusting to my moods. Depressed then crying then angry and so on. My children witnessed this accident and thank you God that it hit me becasue i was blindsided by it but if i wasnt in the spot i was in it would have crushed my 3 yr old. Its been very hard and most people around me, because i still can walk and talk (a little differently now) but the staples are gone and so it seems on the outside im fine. I was on meds before that made things worse (topamax) and i cut up the top of my arm one day trying to get the inner pain on the outside so i can deal with it. I can handle physical pain but not emotional...ive always been emotionally strong. I had a major anxiety attack the landed me in the ER and lasted like 4 hours...ive had panic attacks when im out because my accident happend at a dept store...wish i could say which one...its a well known bargain type closeout store. I have become like homebound and my family is suffering. Not so much the kids doing better with them but my husband is getting angry and frustrated ..which i cant blame him. I see docs all the time and im getting the help but they say its gonna take a long time to heal mentally and physically and i wont mend physically 100% which is ok. I was an artist and now my hand trembles to bad to draw....Its only been 9 months and the people around me think that now that im on meds i should be the same person i was before...they dont understand that i walked in that store one person and came out a totally different person...thats what my neuro psych says. Im on the right meds i think now because ive only had one seizure in weeks and my depression is lifting but i have panic and anxiety and thats what sucks..i do have a new friend (my ex's new girlfriend who is now a good support...finally i have someone who understands) but i have more support on here then anywhere because i hate putting my problems on people who just cant understand fully. Thank you for reading and sorry for the long not looking for sympathy just understanding. My husband think im looking for pity..he just doesnt understand and its putting a wedge between us. Thanks to all and God bless

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