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Sorry if this is long, I will try and sum it up. Back in July I was rushed to the ER with what I thought was a heart attack. It was not and I was sent home. August came and my husband came home from a year long depolment and everything was going great. Then one day out of know where I started feeling this warm hot like my blood was boiling inside me feeling. Went back to the ER, was told that I was taking thirod meds that I didn't need and to stop them. So I did.. Well 6 long weeks of feeling like I'm on fire and my heart is going to fall out of my chest and my head was going to blow up and I was going to die it started to go away. So I knew part was the meds I was on for over 2 years. Well every since that day the feelings I get are very out of the ordinary. I get feels like my head is going to explode, like something is pressing inside of it. It's notmally in one spot at a time, my chest feels really tight, my left arm feels like the muscle is going to just pop out, heart races, just feel like I'm gonna die! The head thing I think is bothering me the most. Like I may have a tumor or something. My heart makes me think I'm gonna have a heart attack. I have had blood work of all kids, CT scan, EKG you name it. The only thing they have come up with is I have a B12 deficiency. I now get B12 shots but nothing has changes. I'm sure my Dr think I'm crazy as can be. They tell me its ALL anxiety????? Is this true? Is this really what it feels like?? Weird feelings in ur head? Tight chest in the center?? Arm pain?? Stuffed ears? My head does not hurt for the must part, it just feels weird, it's really hard to explain, like sometimes I wil get like feeling about both my ears on both sides of my head, like a shocking feeling. Then other time I will get a feeling like a ball is somewhere else trying to jump out. Idk what to do any more. I called the Dr today and requested an MRI and testing on my heart. I just feel like something is really wrong with me, and no one is finding it. I have 4 children and a husband... And I don't wanna die any time soon. I'm 32 years old I do smoke, I don't drink cause I'm scared that will make all this worse. Not on any meds only B12 was always pretty healthy. I did have strong feelings back in 2008 when my husband was on a deployment in Iraq. They last the day and were gone. Haven't happen since, and that was just tingling in my head and hands. Please someone help me to understand what is going on?!? As I am writing this my chest is tight and the right side of my head feels like there is a lump or something to brake. I just want my life back, I want to be back to being happy and not feeling like I am going to die.

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