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I am a 21-year-old female with no major health issues. I have been experiencing moderate to severe anxiety for about five months now. I went to see my primary doctor about a month into the anxiety/depression symptoms and she gave me a checklist of steps to take. I switched my birth control method from Implanon to the hormone-free ParaGard. I had my thyroid checked and everything was normal, and I have started seeing a psychotherapist on a weekly basis. While I feel that therapy is helpful in general, my anxiety has not gotten any better. My doctor has finally prescribed me the generic alternative of Lexapro (10 mg), which I will start taking tomorrow morning. One thing she warned against was consuming alcohol while taking this medication. This doesn't really bother me as far as a social setting is concerned, but I'm a bar tender and I'm able to build relationships with regulars and make more tips if I drink with them while I work. I'm wondering if there a certain amount that I could get away with drinking and still be okay while taking Lexapro? Has anyone tried mixing these two?

Another thing I'm worried about is becoming dependent/addicted to Lexapro. My mother and her entire family have always struggled with substance abuse. What are the chances of this happening? i'd appreciate any input. Thanks!

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