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Do I have Anxiety?
Dec 28, 2014
I have been dealing with the worst crap. About 6 weeks ago I started getting these weird tension headaches in my neck scalp and just an over all weird feeling. Went to the doctor and he gave me nerve blocks said it was due to alot of anxiety. So I was not convinced and went to er that night. They did a ct scan and assured me I was fine. So that week I went to chiro and he adjusted me and by the end of that week I was good. I started feeling great. Theb the next friday I was hit with it again. I went bavk to my doctor in tears and he said I was fine and anxiety is bad. Wo he sent me home on meds and I was a little relieved. I also went to ent for ringing in ears and he said tmj and went to optomotrist for eyes and she dialated my eyes and said it looked normal. I still exercise every morning with no issue. Now im starting to panick.i have made an appt with neuro and wont see them till next tuesday. My scalp is so tender. My neck is tender. Ringing in ears and feeling a little weird when standing up. I read that it could be an anyuresm that has burst and ct might not have caught it. I went to er about 2 weeka ago for the same time and they refused to do ct because of too much radiation and kept saying anxiety. Im scared im gonna die before I can see a neuro. And also just scared its somwthing terrible. Any advice?? This christmas has been.
does this sound like anxiety
Its all so weird. I was having tension pain one morning that afternoon my huvby and I went to eat and I just started freaking out and crying telling him we had to go. Felt like I was gonna pass out. So then went to dr..he said tension headaches in occipital region gave me blocks. Went to er that night they did ct it was negative. Went back to dr and then for a week I was fine. Then that following week scalp apin and neck pain got dr kept saying panick and anxiety attack.. I finally made neuro appt in the woodlands and it took forever to get in. Saw her and thats when she said occiptal nerve pain said if its my neck it will cause all types of damage. I saw ent for ears ringing said tmj..saw eye dr she dialated and said optic nerve was fine. This is all weird to me. If it is nerves I can attribute it to lifting to heavy. Just hate now not wanting to go out much because im scared I will pass out. Dr said no anyuresm but I have read horror stories on google.
31 female
pulse 72
exercise like a beast but I have been to anxious to exercise

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