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I'm wondering if you've ever had your hormones checked? I'm 45 and about 2 years ago I started having panic attacks and anxiety for no apparent reason at all. After many tests, my doctor checked my hormones and believes I'm in perimenopause. It may be worth looking into, as well as your thyroid. I was also borderline anemic and low on magnesium. I can't say that I've had the death anxiety like you but I do understand the thoughts. Any aches or pains at night and off my mind goes on various diseases I think I might have. I'm on medication for the anxiety (lowest does possible of mirtazapine) and it does help.

Something I've been doing for myself is progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing. There are so many sources of guided relaxation and breathing vieos, books, etc. I have now got to the point where (most times) when I feel the panic coming I can stop myself, take a few calming breaths and tell myself to let it go, I am safe, I'm okay. Even when I'm driving (when it usually happens) I can calm myself. It's really incredible what you can teach your mind!

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