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I was recently diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and prescribed generic Lexapro. Took my first and only dose Saturday night and had a VERY extreme reaction. Heavy heart palpations and a burning sensation on my skin. I felt as if my body was cooking from the inside. I felt incredibly nauseous and felt that I would definitely vomit. Eventually I brewed some Chamomile tea and put tried to focus on a mellow Neil Young record. I calmed down and eventually just went to bed.

Next day/Sunday morning felt out of it but determined to go about my day as normal. Cooking breakfast felt overwhelming (coffee...eggs...toast) was dizzying. Put eggs in frying pan and figured I'd look at side effects for Lexapro on my laptop as the pan heat up. Next thing I know....eggs are frying and jumping out of the pan. I'M OUT OF MY MIND. Quickly determined that things aren't right. Made the concrete decision to NOT take anymore pills. Spent the day in bed. Felt like I had the flu. Just couldn't do anything.

Today/Monday. Wisely chose to stay home from work. Still feeling out of it. Suddenly, the nausea returns from out of nowhere. Felt like I was going to vomit and there's nothing I could do about it. Worried I'd be hospitalized, I jumped in the shower and emerged feeling dizzy and without balance, but only minimally nauseous.

So, now I'm REALLY scared. An immediate reaction makes sense. To have this happen nearly two days later frightens me. How long until this stuff is out of my system? I haven't called my doctor, as the only advice I can imagine is to go the emergency room in an attack. I have no health insurance so it's simply not an option.

Thanks for any advice and calming words that you can offer.

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