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Hi guys.

I am usually posting on the Acid reflux board but have noticed a comeback of my anxiety and decided to get some help/advice.

When I was 18 I suffered anxiety attacks, I didn't even know what anxiety was, all I knew was that I couldn't breath and thought I would die. For weeks after this attack I had that tight throat feeling which left me bed ridden.
Well I am now 30 and my anxiety has returned full force. It probably reared its ugly head right after I had my son 17 month ago but have noticed in the last 6 months the tight throat and difficulty swallowing feeling has come back. I had tests done that showed muscles in neck worked fine and swallowing all good so I am convinced it's anxiety.

Apart from the throat symptom I have had a dramatic weight loss since have my son. Now I was just on healthy weight when I fell pregnant but am now 10kg lighter and starting to not like the way I look. My naturopath is convinced it's from the constant anxiety and worry, has anyone else experienced this issue, dramatic weight loss and unable to put back on?

I have had blood tests after blood tests which have all be normal, blood count, thyroid etc. I would say I eat sufficient, 3 meals a day plus a couple of snacks, all healthy due to my reflux but I just cannot put weight on.

Any reply would be greatly appreciated xx

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