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... me and my parents ... it was a shock to process that, to say the least, and I struggle with it still. At another time, a close friend confided that I am the most anxious person he has ever met, physically and in terms of social interactions. ... (3 replies)
... We cannot 'get past' anxiety. I used to be an anxiety wreck until I changed my mind. That's right, we have choices daily, and we can choose to be anxious about normal feelings of anxiety and obsess over it or we can choose to dwell on other matters in life. ... (3 replies)
... ation, it disappears. It is hard to describe, but this phobia is something that is this kind of 'slow burn', for lack of a better word. This type of fear that is always with me, somewhere in the back of my mind, sometimes it is much less severe, other times it flares off. I cannot 'turn off' this fear. ... (3 replies)

Always tired.
Sep 10, 2007
... I deal with serious anxiety problems. It's almost debilitating most of the time. It's very hard for me to have a full time job because I'm ALWAYS anxious. I'm coming off a three year addiction to Xanax, and I've been recently taking Valerian Root to try to curb the withdrawal. ... (7 replies)
Always Anxious...
Apr 26, 2008
... Most of the time I always seem to be anxious, worried, paranoid and im sure I suffer from a bit of OCD. I'm always worried about something bad happening, just always feeling down and anxious most of the time. ... (3 replies)
... t was doing something, exams are coming up, itd feel like such a waste of a year if I failed them. I dont even have a girlfriend either, its pathetic and im just always feeling worried and anxious. ... (3 replies)
... Is anyone here afraid of uncomfortable silences. When I'm in someone elses company I'm always anxious about having nothing to say, and I worry that the person will think I dont like them. ... (2 replies)
... nd you forgot how to be naturally calm and collected. It started with a really bad time in my life and before that I was a calm person but ever since then it has always been there and now my body is always anxious. I have made progress in my anxiety lately but I still feel like its something that wont get out of me. ... (4 replies)
Always tired.
Sep 11, 2007
... I am just like you and suffering from the exact same thing. I've always had depression and anxiety. I am always anxious and rarely can leave the house. I've been this way since Dec. 2006. I just want to get so I can function. ... (7 replies)
Always Anxious...
Apr 27, 2008
... I hope all works out for you and if need to keep posting here , there is always someone here for support. ... (3 replies)
... The thing is, a lot of the time when I'm not feeling well, I'm not feeling anxious. When I AM anxious I feel phsyically terrible. But that is why I am so skeptical to believe that all of my pysical problems are anxiety. ... (2 replies)
... I am always anxious. Even when I'm alone, there are still physical indications that I'm still subconsciously anxious. ... (2 replies)
... but to September 11th. But unlike what I've always heard about people with anxiety, I don't have panic attacks. I'm just always scared, worried, and anxious. ... (7 replies)
... and IBS. My IBS is anxiety and stress induced. When I get anxious I always get the butterflies in the stomach feeling. I get racing thoughts and if it's real bad I will shake. ... (4 replies)
... I have the exact same problem. My stomach is my weak point. When I get anxious it hits my stomach and I can't eat. ... (3 replies)
Buspar for Anxiety
Oct 30, 2007
... ul, I have a difficult time with the anxiety being worse, I can't relax, I am always getting upset about tests at college etc, even though I am getting A's, I am always anxious that something bad is gonna happen, sometimes I can't help being anxious even when I know it seems irrational. ... (2 replies)
... But what I'm getting at is that this child of mine is anxious too. ... (5 replies)
... I've always been an anxious person. Shy growing up, and made fun of for it. ... (5 replies)
... ter scaring myself with all the wonderful stuff on the Net that dizziness could be, Im lucky I found you on here. Now I didnt think that I was panicking as I was always socialising and working. I know that I am a bit anxious and get nervous and worry very easily. ... (34 replies)
... For those of us that are anxious, I think the adrenaline is always there, running in the background. As much as we try to push the thoughts that cause our problem to the back burner, they are still bothering us. ... (11 replies)

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