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Nov 25, 2004
... late night questions. is it safe to take ambien and xanax together? ... (3 replies)
Lunesta and Xanax?
Oct 10, 2006
... Yes, I've taken a sleep aid with a benzo and an antidepressant. ... (5 replies)
... I would say yes. I was put on paxil and xanax and i still had terrible insomnia so my dr suggested ambien for me. It worked great the first night and I fell asleep in a matter of minutes and had a full night's rest. The second night, however the ambien didn't work as well as it did the night before. ... (10 replies)

... I'd call a pharmacy that's near you they can tell you for sure. Call one of the 24 hours ones like Walgreen's I call them all the time. I took a Xanax and a Flexeril became worried about 10 min after called my Walgreen's. She told me not to take them and then told me the side effects that would happen. ... (10 replies)
... hypnotic drug, so it works very similar to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines which include Lorazepam and Xanax, which can be taken during the day to relieve anxiety. ... (3 replies)
... life. How many mg. and how often are you taking it? ... (12 replies)
... It really does the trick, hope you can finally get some rest, I know how it is to just lay there and stare at the ceiling, Bummer! ... (4 replies)
... My grandfather died this year and I was there when he died. I took three 1 mg tablets while he was dying. I actually fell asleep. ... (12 replies)
... I tried the Ambien CR, xanax, etc.... ... (5 replies)
Zoloft 19 days
Apr 5, 2005
... I took 25 mg for one week and then 50 mg for the past 13 days. I have the starter pack. The insomina is the very worst. I hate taking Ambien and Xanax every night just so that I can get a couple hrs. sleep. I asked the doctor if I shoudl try Klonopin, he said might as well give it a try. Is it better? ... (6 replies)
... I know what you mean Hillary! I have been on Zoloft for over 7 years! My doctor recently put me on Ambien and Xanax for sleeping. I like the drug induced sleep....Hence I still wake up during the night! ... (127 replies)
... You certianly can. I did as my doctor suggested it. However if I take a Xanax at bed time I no longer need the ambien. Ambien or Ambien CR did not do much for me. ... (10 replies)
... I was wondering how long you were on the Xanax and was 8mg a day your highest dose? ... (9 replies)
... Guess I could have phrased my question better. I meant xanax in the day and Ambien at night. ... (10 replies)
Nov 25, 2004
... Ambien is a very powerful sleep med. Am not sure of the tolerance issues related to it. Xanax often does not work long as a sleep med. If you are using Xanax just as a sleep med and are not yet dependant on it, it may be in your interest to drop it as the withdrawal symptoms can be horrendous. ... (3 replies)
... Yes, You can take both. However, the ambien is taken if your going to have trouble sleeping and only if!!!! The Xanax is to take when you feel anxious or having a bad day. It helps keep you calm and at the same time can make you sleepy. ... (10 replies)
... Can you take Ambien for sleep if you're already prescribed xanax for anxiety? ... (10 replies)
... antidepressants do not have generics. Benzodiazepines, like Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, and Valium all have generics. ... (6 replies)
... Ambien is to help you sleep not for anxiety. The reason why you sleep with the xanax is because it is a controlled substance and it has a side affect that makes you sleepy. Try not to use that as a sleeping agent, because when you need it you wont have it!!!! Use either or not both. ... (10 replies)
... Yeah you're not supposed to my doctor prescribed both for me and told me not to combine them. If I take Ambien that night he said I shouldnt have taken a xanax within the last 8 hours or so... ... (10 replies)

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