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... I can't say for certain that anxiety can cause a metallic taste in your mouth but I can say that I have suffered from relentless anxiety for years and I get that metallic taste in my mouth for weeks at a time. ... (24 replies)
... There's a lot of information available linking mercury in amalgam dental fillings to numerous illnesses considered "psychosomatic. ... (24 replies)
... To any one who responded to this posting. Can you correlate the metallic taste to amalgam fillings? ... (24 replies)

... i get a metallic taste in my mouth sometimes... actually right before i checked out this anxiety section i posted about it. except i thought maybe it was a side effect to drinking coffee. ... (24 replies)
... I just wanted to know if anyone ever gets a sudden metallic taste in their mouth from anxiety. I didn't know if that was a symptom or not. ... (24 replies)
... I first started having anxiety attacks over 2 years ago. A few months ago I had my first "real" panic attack! ugg! ... (24 replies)
... anxiety for over 20 years and I haven't had that metallic taste for a long time. I did have it when my attacks first started and it lasted for about 6 weeks but then left as quickly as it came. ... (24 replies)
... tongue and using mouthwash but it didnt really help it just made it taste minty and metallic lol .... its really annoying me because everything i eat drink tastes off now and when i drink water it only makes the taste stronger.. any suggestions? ... (7 replies)
... hello well i also get that metallic taste but i get it alot does anyone eles get this taste alot (24 replies)
... I have had the strangest taste in my mouth for the passed week and a half. Its sort of like a peppery taste in the back of my throat and it wont go away. I have not eaten anything spicy or peppery so I have no idea why I am getting this? ... (1 replies)
... ive been gettin panic attacks for a year, and it seems like every month a new scary symptom arises. just the other night i got that metallic taste for the first time, and the fact that i had no idea what it was, except that it seemed like blood, scared me pretty bad (24 replies)
... Also some anti depressents will give you this taste in your mouth. ... (24 replies)
... Yes, I used to get that taste in my mouth right before I would go into a panic attack. I know this isn't a very common symptom, but I have heard of others who have experienced this, too. ... (24 replies)
... I have been suffering symptoms of anxiety for over 8 months now and I can't seem to get past the last things that are hanging around longer than some of the other stuff I have I had over the last 8 months. I am concerned something else is going on. I have refused meds from the doc, hoping I can beat this myself, but I am starting to give up. Stuff I am pretty much over:... (4 replies)
... It is amalgam fillings. There is a lot of info out there on the web about it's link to anxiety problems. Very intersting reading. I have 4 fillings. Two since childhood and I got two more just this year. ... (7 replies)
... ok i am getting to think this isnt from anxiety because it seems to be really bad after eating.. i kind of think it may have something to do with one of the metal fillings i got when i was a kid. ... (7 replies)
... heh no i am male.. so i am pretty sure i am not pregnant.. though they do say anxiety can cause anything.. ... (7 replies)
... I too had that for quite a long time and also had a metallic taste in my mouth. ... (2 replies)
... time, like when I'm nearly hit by a car, I get a sudden "electric shock" feeling in my mouth. It doesn't exactly taste metallic, it's just a shock feeling. ... (24 replies)
... I have very bad anxiety, and have had three panic attacks prompting me to call 911. I too have a wierd metallic smell. I don't get the taste though. I only get it every so often though... ... (24 replies)

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