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... If this is anxiety then I will acually be happy because I have been trying to find out for a long time what this is so it can be treated so I can go on with my life. ... (3 replies)
... The left side of my face also goes numb like right now ugh lol see I have been stressed this past week its summer time my kids are bored and in the house driving me nuts lol and then this numbness came on.Usualy it will be there for a few days then leave.Yes I do think what your having could be stress/anxiety.If possible though you might want to have your doctor check ya out... (4 replies)
... I have had an EKG and a stress test done and I told my Doc that I still want an echocardiagram, holster monitor, and a possible nuclear stress test. My anxiety/panic is fueled from the fear that there may be something wrong with my heart. I guess I am not looking for something to be wrong but for them to say that my heart is actually ok. Just piece of mind. (2 replies)

Numb feet and legs
Mar 30, 2006
... Anxiety can cause it yes I have had numb limbs before too not to long ago I was experiancing numbness in the left side of my face this went on for a month or so (5 replies)
Is this anxiety?
Nov 16, 2004
... th, i kept shaking and getting hot and cold flashes . i felt like i was going to die. it went on for awhile and eventually i just went to sleep .a friend who has anxiety disorder said that this happened to her when she was having a panic attack . ... (1 replies)
... night sweats and leg cramps, dizziness, lips numb, face numb, brain dead feeling, sexual side effects, etc. Go through that for 4 weeks to "see if it works", NO THANKS. ... (6 replies)
... out 4 yrs. and it was before i was on meds. i still get it just not as much now that i'm on paxil. but yea, i hate it, feels like my head gets real heavy then my face and whole body get hot and i feel like i'm gonna faint. ... (12 replies)
... I too have been experiencing tingling or numbness. It is mostly on the right side of my face along with pressure and pain. Sometimes my right hand and arm feels numb. I also have been weak and tired where I need to lay down. ... (18 replies)
... I am trying to control it but I can't get rid of this head preassure and feeling of tightness in my left side of the face (runs from my forehead down to my left eye, down to my jaw). IT's been a little more than a month! I try to ignore it and some days the feeling is faint, other days the feeling is just frustrating. Does anyone get this 'preassure' on the left side? (as... (11 replies)
My anxiety story
Nov 17, 2014
... I started having anxiety at the age of 28 after having my third child. It was horrible. I started getting terrible headaches that literally kept me in bed crying for hours. ... (1 replies)
... So about a month ago, now that I've been reading about it, I had what I think was an anxiety attack. My teeth chattered like I was cold, my chest tightened and my heart started beating really fast. ... (0 replies)
... I have come to learn that anxiety wreaks complete havoc on your body and makes you think you are crazy, everyone around you thinks you are a hypochondriac and the docs just think you are depressed. Here is a list of the terrible, debilitating symptoms I have suffered with: -Episodes of overstimulation- Anxious/Trembling/Heart Racing -Hair thinning -Major fatigue/very low... (5 replies)
... arms and face especially around my mouth went numb and i couldnt control my hands. i was pouring out sweat and was gasping for air. well, i never totally passed out because the paramedics got to me in time. ... (4 replies)
... I have had the numbness on the left side of my face off and on in the past.I remember once the top of one of my feet would go numb too.If the Xanax takes it away then it's a good sign it is part of the anxiety. ... (9 replies)
Aug 28, 2007
... pressure in head, sometimes feel numb in face, weakness and aching muscles, eye twitching most of the time, lightheaded, tightness in back of neck and feeling lethargic. ... (4 replies)
... television one night and felt a pressure in my head i dismissed it as being tired but when i stood up i felt dizzy and very weak my face, arms and legs were very numb and i felt sick. I slept very unwell that night. ... (7 replies)
... s how i feel, u name it, iv'e done it. Everything came out good, the prognosis, I have alot of stress and anxiety. But my question is can stress cause me to go numb all overmy body, especially my head and face? ... (2 replies)
... mg for a while and busproine 15mg.I thought untill I started reading this forum that I had ms.My fingers tingle my chest gets tight,my neck wont hardly turn,my face starting to get numb,neck tingles,and other weird symptons.I have read where people have a bunch of these symptoms and they have anxiety.I had a neu. ... (7 replies)
... Today it feels like it's stemming from my sinuses and my face feels numb. ... (28 replies)
... I began feeling extreme fatigue. The tingling spread to my other hand, then my feet. It moves around. Most recently, my face began to tingle,,,above my eyebrows and on both cheeks. These tingles come and go, and I never go completely numb. My muscles spasm randomly over my body. ... (9 replies)

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