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Aug 14, 2005
... just chat for awhile. You will be comforted by them being there, and being able to call for help if anything is really wrong. Which it isn't. In other words, face the fear. I know it can be tough, but really KNOW that you have enough information to distinguish between the real, and the imagined. ... (7 replies)
... s, and a lot of the times, mine too were in social settings. I feel as if I'm buzzed, as someone else already stated, and sometimes my lips and other parts of my face feel as if they're somewhat numb, it's very strange. I think the more one thinks about it, the worse it can get. ... (4 replies)
... oloft after two weeks I started to get really bad and had a major panic attack that I've never experience. My whole body from my waist up went numb, my limbs and face were tingling, and I couldn't move my hands from a pincher like position. They evac took me to the ER. ... (0 replies)

... It started off with a bang last month. I had always been a bit of an anxious person, but never this bad. Anxiety kidnapped me full force via a single panic attack. All of a sudden, I became obsessed with everything. First it was the thought of dying from a pandemic. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I had my first panic attack roughly a month and a half ago. I felt intense chest pressure, sweaty palms, nausea and left arm/shoulder pain (heart rate 130). I rushed myself to the hospital and had an EKG done--they said I was fine. A day later I looked up some of my symptoms online and that triggered a second much WORSE attack--once again I went to the hospital and almost... (10 replies)
... My story would be too long for one post so I guess i will start with a post of mine from 10 months ago describing my first anxiety experience. I hope you can relate and find similar things to your experiences. ... (7 replies)
... Right now I have so many problems coming at me at once. I cannot tell if these are all anxiety symptoms, or if there is something wrong with me that is causing A LOT to happen at once. My legs are numb and tingly, they also are kind of cramping. ... (5 replies)
... c I am convinced that it's not anxiety and there is something wrong with my heart... ... (4 replies)
Jun 7, 2003
... Does anyone have any recommendations on anxiety meds? ... (7 replies)
... Three weeks ago my pinky and ring finger of my left hand went numb. One week ago the left side of my face went numb. I went to a neurologist and he did a nerve conduction test on my left arm and found nothing. I had an MRI on my brain and it was normal. ... (14 replies)
... ike the doctors don't believe me anymore and my wife thinks that my sickness all comes from my mind. All I can say is that if what we have is caused by stress or anxiety it sure feels like it can kill you. For now I will continue to go to the doctors until they either find what is wrong with me or send me to the mental hospital. ... (43 replies)
... and needles sensation and it felt like it was slowly going numb. This happened during a time when I was also having bad anxiety attacks. ... (2 replies)
Apr 5, 2016
... and I got a very weird side effect. My whole face went slightly numb. I am however very sensitive to medications so it probably won't happen to you. The sensation went away when I stopped taking the medicine. ... (7 replies)
... All of this ended about a year ago but the real anxiety started about four months ago.... ... (4 replies)
... felt that my face was numb. I wasn't stressed out at the time, just relaxing and reading. Very strange, and scary. Can anyone offer any advice? ... (2 replies)
... and i keep getting a bad pain down the rignt side of my head and also my face feels all numb since ive been on tablets , and my doctors doesnt really say if its anxiety , he just says he doesnt know what it is , if he did say it was anxiety i would feel better about it . ... (65 replies)
... hey everyone. I haven't been diagnosed with an anxiety or panic disorder, but it seems I have a few symptons. ... (1 replies)
... None that I can think of. My symptoms have become debilitating. I know anxiety can manifest itsself in so many ways but this is ridicilous. I have so many symptoms I don't know where to begin. ... (8 replies)
... A week or 2 before I started getting anxiety/panic attacks I was on medication for an ear infection. I woke up one day feeling fine, went to work and a few hours later began to feel very dizzy. Called my dr because I new this was ear related. Gave me medication and said "if it's viral it won't do a thing". After I took all of the meds i then began to have the attacks. (It... (34 replies)

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