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... but the blame can also partially be put on me, as I was struggling with teaching and with some other duties and with anxiety at the time. ... (3 replies)
... hmm. that sounds like about how much i drink, couple glasses of wine on say a wednesday night, and then usually on friday or sat i'll have a few.. i dont have social anxiety, just major health anxiety. ... (4 replies)
... Ok, what helps me and tells me that the doctors are right, it's not a heart condition is that when this tightness in my chest wakes me up, a half a glass of red wine stops it right away. I red that the wine opens the arteries or something like that. Fortunately I rarely get this tightness in my chest in the daytime! ... (11 replies)

... glasses. I don't consider myself an alcoholic, but I know some people would think I am. I don't care what they think...they don't have the anxiety problems I do, so they can't say what they'd do. Anyway, I love my makes me feel relaxed. ... (15 replies)
... glasses of wine with dinner and gf a few nights a week for a little while in my mid 20s. ... (5 replies)
... always on pulse. i wish i didnt. go see my thread here about anxiety & heart stress/damage. it scares me to not be able to calmdown for so long daily, til later in day. this takes toll on my heart health, let alone my mind health (i could live w/ worry but not, w/ knowing the worry CAUSES heart damage & thus increases my fears, & then i chase my tail w/ more & more anxiety due... (14 replies)
... This is my first post ever on a message board like this, because before January 9th of this year I considered myself a very healthy human being. The last two months of my life have been a health nightmare and I'm hoping someone can give me some insight into what could be causing these issues and / or tell me I'm just crazy. I'll lay everything out in a timeline, so you all can... (98 replies)
Red Wine/anxiety
Oct 26, 2007
... well red wine is good for your heart so it would make sense that it is good for people under a lot of stress and anxiety but a lot of people with anxiety, myself included cannot drink alcohol. alcohol gives me panic attacks like you wouldnt believe. ... (2 replies)
... I have tried to go to AA but the anxiety of being closed in a room sitting next to other people and having to speak sends me back home with a glass or 2 of wine each time. ... (4 replies)
... I would be filled to the point of shaking with worry and guilt about things that I barely gave a thought to before. Twice anxiety alone pushed my systolic bp over 190 and my pulse over 110 and I ended up in the ER. The 2nd time xanax alone brought it down to normal very quickly. ... (3 replies)
... Alcohol is a depressant as my Dr informed me. She said it was ok to drink a couple of glasses of wine a week but not to over do it. The meds used to treat anxiety and depression will not work and in fact work in reverse. I find that to be true in my personal experience. So, I limit how much I drink. ... (7 replies)
Red Wine/anxiety
Oct 26, 2007
... I used to be an avid wine drinker and have been told by many that this is the worst to drink if you are going to drink. ... (2 replies)
Red Wine/anxiety
Oct 25, 2007
... Is Red Wine Good For People That Get Anxiety Attacks? ... (2 replies)
... I have GAD. I occassionaly drink a glass of wine. I helps me to does not bring on more anxiety..but everyone body is different. I am also taking Clonozapam as needed.. 1/2 pill. If I take the meds...I do not drink at all that particular day. I find that the Clonozapam works better than a glass of wine....the meds last a little longer. J.Bell (5 replies)
... it helps me to get to sleep. Same for me with doesn't matter how much I drink!!! Sometimes I can drink 1 beer or 5 glasses of wine and I get the same thing. ... (9 replies)
... is the fact that you had a lot to drink. Alcohol can make you gain ALOT of weight really fast. This happened to my mom, on 2 glasses of wine a night! She gave it up and lost it. Wine has a lot of calories. ... (8 replies)
... A lot of evenings I would take 2 glasses of wine or perhaps 2 measures of say Gin. ... (15 replies)
... real, basically isn't possible, and knock some sense into me, as well as helping me get over the anxiety. I mean I know that my feelings and worries are due to anxiety but i still need to know that my ideas arent real! ... (4 replies)
... Hey Brandon, I take Zoloft for Panic and anxiety disorder. ... (11 replies)
... and I never experienced any of my anxiety feelings in my heart area or about my heart. ... (14 replies)

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