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... Like I said, the common sense answer is no anxiety problems, beta blocker. Anxiety problems, benzo. And even that's not a guarantee. ... (4 replies)
... find out the dose range of lopressor, perhaps you could take more, it usually lowers your blood pressure and you obviously dont want it to go too low these beta blocker meds help with the physical but not mental problems from panic attacks and anxiety, they are all out of patent so arent advertised and many docs dont think of them :o (14 replies)
... I took beta blockers with high dose SSRIs for years with no problem. ... (6 replies)

... Beta blockers mainly just block adrenaline rushes on the heart. They also seem to work on tremor but technically do little to address anxiety itself. ... (14 replies)
... s messed up but have never visited these boards before. Due to my Thyroid problem, I tend to turn Hyperthyroid often, which is almost the exact same thing as an anxiety attack, which I also get frequently. ... (0 replies)
... but what if my heartbeat is already 50bpm, could I still be taking beta blockers for anxiety? ... (14 replies)
... I dare to say that the best for one my be the worst for others. ... (14 replies)
... atenolol works well for me. It helps my hypertension and helps the anxiety, keeps my pulse rate down. It has side effects though, lethargy, depression, for some people. On a low dose thought you would probably be fine. (14 replies)
... Anyone use torpol xl for anxiety problems? ... (14 replies)
... and have taken a small dose when panic sets in, 12.5. It is a Godsend as it always stops the palps and lowers my bp fast. BUT, it does nothing for the rest of my anxiety symptoms, tremor, tight throat, dry mouth, troulbe swallowing, etc. Is there another type that would cover more symptoms? ... (14 replies)
... you may need to try several in order to find the 1 that suits you best (14 replies)
... Beta blockers will lower your pulse rate... For example, my mom is on the beta blocker "toprol" for high bp. ... (28 replies)
... blocker, i read they interact! and the effexor can actually cause high blood pressure and negate the effects of the beta blocker. I worry enough about my blood pressure that spikes from anxiety, i don't need constant high blood pressure in my life! ... (10 replies)
... And for the Beta blocker, people keep telling me to use that for anxiety. So it sounds like my best bet. If I fix the problem using a beta blocker, I won't need SSRI's or whatever they are, right? ... (28 replies)
... I am on a beta blocker now and it helps a lot. Why are you afraid to do the stress test? ... (13 replies)
... For those of you who dont know my story. I have been suffering from a heart health anxiety for a long time now. Was told about 7 years ago i had MVP and put on a beta blocker. ... (3 replies)
... for high blood pressure and I suspect anxiety as well, as I'm a fellow sufferer. ... (4 replies)
... I have anxiety and SVT. I was put on a beta blocker right before I got pregnant and stayed on it thru out the pregnancy. ... (4 replies)
... anxiety sufferers who take meds for high blood pressure should insist on a beta blocker type med, IMO there are several different types of BP meds but only beta blockers also reduce the physical problems from anxiety such as rapid or thuding heartbeat, blushing, sweating, being startled,adrenalin surges, etc beta blockers arent advertised or promoted as they are out of... (4 replies)
... tachycardia. so far the doc. has also found nothing "wrong" with my heart, but beta blockers can still help. all they do is block the effect of adrenaline on your heart so it doesn't have to work so hard all the time. ... (3 replies)

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