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... Oh, I MUST add. If you do active cardiac exercises then STAY AWAY from beta blockers as your heart will not be able to pump fast enough for the extra oxygen required. ... (5 replies)
... My doctor told me that yes they do use beta blockers for anxiety. ... (6 replies)
... I believe beta blockers work immediately. They are for your heart rate and blood pressure. Your BP may shoot up when you're real anxious, that's why I have to take one. ... (6 replies)

... i too was recently put on a beta-blocker for my panic, my heart rate was getting up there with the panic episodes, i too wonder about the meds, (7 replies)
... Overall, I think it is great that some docs and assts. are not free with their rx pads. I have done more research and see that some beta blockers are used for this on occasion extreme bp increase . I am going to continue with my research. ... (14 replies)
... it's a life saver when it comes to my anxiety attacks. ... (7 replies)
... I take it along with Xanax for Panic disorder with GAD. Honestly doesn't seem to do much for my anxiety but I still take it at times. ... (7 replies)
... I'm taking 30mg on the beta blocker and thinking doubling it to 60mg for these once per week situations. My doc wouldn't prescibe any of the benzo's... ... (7 replies)
... I take a small,small amount of beta blocker and it seems to mess with me seems like i sweat more the first few hours that the BB is in my system. My anxiety is so bad its hard for me to tell if i really have symtoms or im just creating them. ... (8 replies)
... I am taking a beta blocker, Toprol XL 25 mg once a day for sinus tachycardia. ... (1 replies)
... I never had to run while doing my stress test. It was just a very fast walk. I did my stress test before I was on beta blockers, but I think they have you not take your bb on the day they do it, I'm not sure. ... (13 replies)
... I am currently on a beta blocker atenolol 12.5 mg as well as .5 mg of clonezepam in the morning and .25 at night.. Clonezepam is the hardest medicine to get off of.. ... (5 replies)
... Im surprised that doc hasnt put you on a beta blocker yet, you may need to remind doc as some sadly dont think of them for anxiety caused problems, doc should monnitor your bloodpressure try to ignore your heart, let it do whatever it wants to and dont check or monitor it also you need to learn new ways of relaxing and calming yourself as your present methods dont work... (6 replies)
... I remember having cold hands and feet on beta-blockers. A warm shower or bath helps a lot. The meds made me feel so much better (no palps, less anxiety) that it was worth feeling a little chilly. I'm usually cold all the time anyway, so I own a lot of sweaters :) (4 replies)
... hi, i have been on beta blockers for 2 years, they do help a little, but the last few months i have been having real bad anxiety and panic attacks and my doc wont do anything about it becuase i am 19 - too young and will get addicted - so i she wont let me take any other meds... :( good luck, give them a chance. (4 replies)
... I've been on a beta blocker for over a year now, I was given it for high blood pressure and palps as well. I really haven't noticed any change in anxiety.. ... (6 replies)
... I think a beta-blocker is actually supposed to help people who sweat as a result of anxiety. I don't remember sweating as a side effect for me. I've been sweating lately, but it's because I'm perimenopausal. Could it just be a hormonal thing you haven't thought of? (8 replies)
... Hi...I just started taking a beta blocker for my palps/anxiety 2 days ago. So far it's making me feel a lot better, but I have been sweating a lot! I dont know if it's just my nerves or if it can be a side effect of the med? Anyone else have an experience like that?? (8 replies)
... I've had anxiety/panic attacks so bad i wound up in emergency room. I was taking Ativan quite a bit leading up to it. After the ER visit my family doctor put me on a low dose beta-blocker that really helped me out a lot. Kept my anxiety level down w/o the drowsy effects of the Ativan. The right medicine can make a world of difference. Work with your doctor and try... (2 replies)
... I was seeing a cardiologist who thought I might have tacy... After a trial on a beta blocker he puts me on Lexapro 10mg. ... (1 replies)

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