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... welcome janlee I suspect the zoloft was never working, this happens sometimes, I would try another antidepressant of a different type, zoloft is prozac type beta blockers work immediately and can help a lot with the physical but not mental anxiety problems so dont stop the xanax, also for most of us, a dose of xanax only lasts a few hours buspar is of almost no benefit... (3 replies)
I want xanax
Oct 31, 2005
... hi, im 19 and i go 2 the docs loads. ... (17 replies)
... octor would prescribe this medication for you since your heart rate is that "low" or "normal" due to your amount of exercise. It possibly could cause hypotension and cause you to pass out and be very weak. I have been on those meds and they make you feel SO TIRED. I would ask your doctor about a short acting Benzo like Xanax. ... (1 replies)

... Hello, I was going to tell you that the Inderal is giving me insomnia too, but I don't mind that I guess. I take a Xanax at night and sleep like 6 hours, and 6am I'm AWAKE. ... (8 replies)
... I am currently on a beta blocker atenolol 12.5 mg as well as .5 mg of clonezepam in the morning and .25 at night.. Clonezepam is the hardest medicine to get off of.. ... (5 replies)
... OK I gathered all of my courage and tried the pill! OK, so I cut it in half and took one half. I know, I'm such a baby. But I took it about 4 hours ago and I feel pretty good! I do feel a bit sleepy, but that's it. I was really afraid of feeling dizzy or lightheaded, but I don't. ... (10 replies)
It gets better
Apr 23, 2004
... rst Anxiety attacke that I had ever had. We were watching the begining of Mission Impossible 2. I had to get out of there. I told my fiencee that we had to go and I just kept walking to the car. She cam up and we went to the Hospital. Man it felt weird. Tingly and hard to breath. ... (7 replies)
... I always take Propanalol with Clonazepam. Can actually try Xanax but that would deal with the psychological side of affairs and would do little for the physical symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... it is just a stage fright issue then I would think facing the fear head on would be a better way to attack it. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would help you a lot and also putting yourself into as many uncomfortable situations as possible will help. Remember a little anxiety isn't goint to kill you. ... (7 replies)
... Although my heart races when I have a true panic attack, it doesn't seem to do that otherwise. I just have intense, constant anxiety all the time. Also, I take xanax as needed and find that it doesn't stop the shaking but it makes me more tired and helps me fall asleep. ... (0 replies)
... the past. Right now my biggest fear is still public speaking which I may have to do if I return to school. About 10 years ago I had to do several presentations and to get through them I took about 3 xanax or klonopin which ever it was and did the presentation without too much anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... Oh, I see. Well, I can say I've felt both the constant worry you describe for GAD and the racing heart, etc. of panic attacks, and Xanax is great for both. ... (5 replies)
... Valium is just as effective for all types of anxiety disorders as Xanax and Klonopin. Ofcourse people have there personal preferences. I'm not sure what you mean by cognitive based and physical either. ... (5 replies)
Xanax Rant!
Nov 27, 2005
... I have very bad anxiety and panic attacks. It is ruining my life and my doc wont prescribe me a benzo, just anti depressants and beta blockers... ... (8 replies)
... Be careful with stopping BBs. Some people have had heart attacks when they have stopped them. I have had SVTs since I was 18 and it seems that they occur more when I am stressed and when the anxiety is at its highest. I was even having them while on a BB. ... (1 replies)
... ith insomnia or, more rarely, anxiety, because it has a sedative effect in most people. Problem is, many people become so sleepy they just can't function at all and simply fall asleep and in a smaller number of people, it doesn't even make them sleepy. ... (4 replies)
... Like you, I have been checked by a cardio for a rapid heart rate and everything checked out ok. I also had the rapid beats while not experiencing a panic attack in the textbook definition sense. ... (2 replies)
... I have a little chest pain each day.. a stap here an anch there a tingle here sometimes near the breast bone. And when it races like that the idea of a heart attack does cross my mind but if it had been I am fairly confident I would be dead. But I have been hyper vig. ... (17 replies)
... xiety. But the anxiety continued to get worse I just thought it was part of depression. I live in constant fear someone I love will die. Sometimes I live in fear and I dont know of what. I have severe anger mood swings, and mood swing that send me into crying out of control over things I cant control. ... (9 replies)
... I stopped taking the meds last year. Now I try to get plenty of sleep and eat good food, exercise and meditate. ... (4 replies)

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