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... o now my dr has described me as GAD. I think she's right. So, just this week, have started Buspar. I feel a bit dizzy, but I will give it a month. The reason for Buspar is that my dr and I agree that although Xanax is VERY effective for my anxiety, I don't want to resort to it every or nearly every day for the long term. ... (7 replies)
Anxiety episodes
Apr 21, 2012
... First doc and I agreed to up my paxil and then added buspar to the mix, which really seemed to help. But as stress in my life increased, I had to up the buspar a bit more. Not taking a lot but still needed a bit more. Now have added xanax for emergencies, like I am having right now. ... (9 replies)
... I have suffered from panic attacks and GAD for 17 years. ... (1 replies)

Feb 6, 2010
... k her first pill today and 3 hours later she has tremors in her left hand and feels very jittery..She started out with 20mgs. Is this a common side effect. Does buspar work for GAD. She called her doctor and she said to only take 10mgs tomorrow...I am wondering if 10mgs is even to much to start out with... ... (2 replies)
... consider Buspar which is has no addiciton potential. ... (2 replies)
... I currently take Prozac, Buspar and Seroquel and Remeron for my anxiety and depression and Ativan once a day. We have yet to find the right combination. ... (7 replies)
Never goes away?
Feb 14, 2009
... Certain SSRI's do show that they work best on GAD. I also take Seroquel for the agitation and anxiety and Buspar for the anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... Celexa 10mg once Daily along with BuSpar 15mg twice daily. I am also taking Metoprolol 50mg once daily for hypertension. ... (1 replies)
... I had jaw pain after taking zoloft. I stopped the zoloft than tried it again and the same thing happened. I now take 5 mg of Buspar four times a day and it has been the best meds that I have ever taken. Buspar is the only drug that has lifted me out of major depression. ... (14 replies)
Ativan For Sleep?
Jan 10, 2006
... depressant and buspar for GAD for 10 years and could not understand why I got depressed. Doctor added Welbutrin XL, which did not agree with my body. ... (20 replies)
... I have GAD that is paralyzing me in everything! Every day is a challenge. ... (6 replies)
... Of course Xanax is addictive...its a Benzodiazepine Tranqulizer.It works wonders to calm down,but NO amt..and NO type of Medicine is going to cure us. The only other type of Medicine(I know of)that is NOT addictive,Non-habit forming is:Buspar..its a Non-Benzodiazepine. I have had PD/Agorapobia,GAD for 8 years.I took Xanax for 4 1/2 years routinely,have taken it since... (30 replies)
... possibly even more anxiety. I'm running out of meds to take and I'm not real happy with my doctor right now. He was positive that BuSpar would work and I know he won't be happy that I want off it. Xanax works well for me but I don't think that he will let me keep taking it. ... (4 replies)
Getting off meds
Feb 16, 2003
... I am taking BuSpar for GAD and also Clonidine for high blood pressure. I would like to quit taking the BuSpar and use herbal remedies or supplements. Does anyone have suggestions on where to begin? ... (1 replies)
Feb 8, 2003
... I am presently taking BuSpar and Ativan. ... (3 replies)
Feb 7, 2003
... I have just weaned myself off Klonopin and have started taking BuSpar for my GAD (I have tried many other meds including antidepressants without success). Probably due to the withdrawl from Klonopin and my normal anxiety returning, I've been experiencing panic attacks again (haven't had them in 1 1/2 yrs.) and jus a relly high state of anxiety. My doctor just prescribed... (4 replies)
... weaning myself off of Klonopin. I've tried many different antidepressants over the years and had to quit due to side effects or not working. I just started on BuSpar to deal with my GAD and I sure hope it works because I'm running out of meds to take. ... (9 replies)
... Figured 10 years was enough time to wait... My main issues are terrible anxiety that is mainly apparent in my chest. It's as if you pictured yourself about to step on stage to speak in front of 10,000 people...but I have it almost all the time. My heartbeat is not fast, but it is "loud" and pounding, as though I can feel the blood pulsing through my veins. As a result of... (0 replies)
... Ativan is a bad idea except on the very short term. Works for a few weeks then BAM - very bad things happen to your head when you take them longer term - read "Anatomy of an Epidemic" - wow did my eyes open! I was put on clonazepam which doesn't work at all for me, just makes me sleep. Ativan is quite addictive, physically and psychologically. I was put on clonazapam for my... (3 replies)
... Alright so the doctors haven't come right out and said that I have GAD but they said I definitely have anxiety. In the beginning my symptoms weren't too bad, just periods of trouble breathing. ... (1 replies)

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