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... Hmm, I didn't realize there were so many others. I also may have Asperger's Syndrome but there isn't much I can do about that I don't think. I would think there would be more information available. Stuff besides "exercise", "eat right", "work through the problem", "antidepressants", etc. All things I have tried or done for years and none help at all. In fact things like... (12 replies)
... I had to take the Xanax. It helped me again. I called my doctor almost crying and he said I could continue the Xanax but to still go for the Holter monitor. The results from the monitor came back normal. ... (5 replies)
Jan 24, 2008
... oo many meds but none has helped or I couldn't handle the side effects. Right now I am taking norytriptiline at night for sleep and headaches. I haven't taken my Buspar in about 3 days now because I was so snappy and aggitated but wasn't sure which was causeing it. I started the meds at the same time. ... (11 replies)

... I have been diagnosed with fatal condition so it really went wild. I've taken zoloft, wellbutrin, buspar etc at different times in my life with bad or no result. I am trying Lexapro with great results. No side effects and no angst. ... (4 replies)
... I'm actually terrified of the results and terrified to go...I don't care about the actual blood drawing but ugh... i don't want to have some weird disease or cancer or something. ugh ugh ugh.... ... (1 replies)
... should I have seen results this soon, or is it one of those drugs that has to be built up in my system for a week or so? ... (3 replies)
... You guys are telling my Story almost to the tee! My Dr. found this heart racing phenomina a year ago. It was going at 122 bpm and I had NO clue it was doing this. He kept asking me if I felt okay and I thought he was nuts. I then first had my thyroid checked which was fine, Adrenial Glad function Fine, Echo fine, Chest X rays fine and tons of other blood work test all of... (9 replies)
... Hi, I'm Jen. I'm 29 and have been on medication for depression and anxiety for 15 years. I have been on Klonopin Paxil Wellbutrin Risperdal Lithium Celexa Serzone Diazapam (5 replies)
... covery regardless of how bad their anxiety was when they got started. It was inspiring to see the people that dove in head first and how fast they started seeing results to those of us like me that were more skeptical and less dedicated to using the tools in the beginning. ... (2 replies)
... weeks to see results but it helps. Read up on it and see what you think. ... (9 replies)
... Dear Iss, seritonin is low in people that have violent tendancies or anger problems. Raising the seritonin calms the person. Drugs like, celexa, paxil, prozac, etc. are seritonin raising medications. Remeron is a depression specific medication that is actually a mood elevating agent. Seritonin is nothing to play with and it was proven by the military years ago, not as a... (37 replies)
Anxiety treatments
Dec 19, 2003
... Hi Iss, I found remeron quite helpful, but if you want a cure meds are rarely the answer. Everyone thinks therapy won't work for them as that is part of the disease of anxiety and depression. There are lots of crappy therapists out there too which compounds the problem. CBT is not like other talk therapy. A good CBT therapist does not care much about your past or why you... (37 replies)
Anxiety treatments
Dec 16, 2003
... I'm looking for a cure myself for my anxiety/social anxiety... I've tried paxil cr and prosac with OK results, but could be better. I looked up SOLIAN and :Amisulpride (brand name Solian) may be prescribed for people with schizophrenia. Very interesting, but if it works Im very happy for you. Depamine and serotinin are low in depressed people right? There's a new drug... (37 replies)
... from Pain Mang. I must say I have not had another bad attack since starting the Seroquel. I've tried the paxil, buspar, and all the others in the past with no results other than my skin crawling or just feeling wierd. ... (4 replies)

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