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Dizzy spells
Nov 22, 2006
... I am dizzy All the time.. I also feel most comfortable while laying down.. ... (4 replies)
... you ever been in airplane, or on a train and you are slowly moving and for a split second you feel as if your eyes aren't keeping up with the motion.. you get a dizzy feeling.. Or your sitting stopped at a red light and the car next to you moves but in fact you feel like you were moving? ... (25 replies)
... ss. Of course, I didn't want to go see a psychiatrist either, I had no idea what that was and was terrified of doctors in general. As a result, I quit showing my anxiety outwardly in school. ... (6 replies)

... for only a week but after that my anxiety spun out of control. I was always having little dizzy spells and when I wasn't really dizzy I had a constant "floating" sensation kinda like I was on a boat. ... (3 replies)
... My symptoms have got so bad over the years , but ove rthe last six months I have been house bound with the chest pains, sickness, dizzy spells, palps, headaches, panic attacks, loss of weight, stomach pains, etc etc I could go on for ever ! ... (3 replies)
May 12, 2004
... oards the last couple of weeks waiting to see if anyone had had the same symptoms as me. I am scared to death of my symptoms, and I don't know what to do next. Can anyone shed some light on my symptoms, and are they normal for anxiety? ... (1 replies)
... stress can cause dizzy,lightheaded spells I have had them many times.Do you take any meds for anxiety? ... (11 replies)
Is this anxiety?
Apr 23, 2005
... I had dizzy spells, which sound much like yours... ... (2 replies)
Help with anxiety
May 10, 2012
... to come to terms that anxiety can really cause all these issues and ive been going back over my life to think of how weak my muscles are sometimes and when i had dizzy spells or other problems to think well its all MS. ... (5 replies)
... I still have stiffness and pain in my lower back in the back of my thighs due to the pressure on the sciatic. I have also been diagnosed with both a panic and anxiety disorder and I know that I worry about things too much. ... (2 replies)
... Ok, so i always had a lot of anxiety, issue. That i can accept (I guess). However, a couple of months ago, my stomach started to get worse. I always had minor stomach issues in the past, nausea, etc, but now it happens a lot more and is quite constant. I hate it. I asked my Dr. about it and he chalked it up to anxiety. But - i need some relief! Help!! Any... (7 replies)
... sounds exactly like what I have and it's anxiety. Other causes would have gotten worse by now and are obvious to doctors. Trust me, until you really believe it's anxiety it won't go away. You've been to the doctor and you need to trust that nothing else is wrong. Your dizzy spells are habitual. ... (4 replies)
... i'm currently not on meds, trying to get through this with some determination lol, and it's been a slow process but i can feel myself getting there. ... (5 replies)
... Sorry to make this long, but I want to explain my symptoms in as much detail as possible, so others can possibly relate. ... (57 replies)
Dizzy 24/7
Aug 2, 2004
... I know when one is having an anxiety attack or in anxiety mode, the blood pressure goes up, but I would keep a follow up on that blood pressure. 180 is pretty high, that's 20 points less than 200. ... (44 replies)
... what you are saying, i do NOT think you are havinga stroke.. the mri would show ms, or a tumor.. you are too young to have a stroke for no reason.. i get severe dizzy spells too.. the room spins.. all that stuff. my hearrt skips every day, i feel like i cant breahte, etc. etc.. dont freak out.. ... (5 replies)
... responds so much. I got severe anxiety when I was 11 years old. It happened out of no where. ... (1 replies)
... If she's been on it that long, you can expect some pretty big withdrawl symptoms and should not go cold turkey as with this type of medication a sudden stop can possibly cause seizures as well as the withdrawl symptoms of very VERY bad anxiety among others. ... (6 replies)
... they think it could be anxiety but does ur lightheadedness last 24/7 cause mine does its like a swaying feeling even when i lay down and the psychiatrist i saw said it wasnt anxiety i recently saw a neurologist and he thinks its my vestibular but hes not for sure either hes sending me to therapy for it anyhow so maybe ill get lucky and thatll help ive tried the technique... (8 replies)
... for me I self harm to relise the pain . I drink on a night to get me to sleep . I feel trapped alot of the time and I have strange thoughts, Im paronoid and I can create a bad situation out of nothing for myself to worry about . ... (4 replies)

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