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... First, you need to realize that everyone's body adjusts to meds. in a different way. A .5 dose of Xanax can usually help me for about 5 hours, depending on what I'm doing. I take Xanax 4 times a day. .5 in morning, .5 around noon, .5 around 5 PM, and 1 mg. before bed. ... (7 replies)
... The anxiety seemed to build to the time I was to go in for hernia surgery. ... (5 replies)
... I went to a physchiatrist who didn't really try to help me "cure" my anxiety.. ... (55 replies)

... Hi there! I do know some people who take a relaxing medication before flights and they say it helps greatly!! I am not sure what they took, but I know it was not Xanax or a specific anxiety medication, but something exactly for relaxing in the short term time frame. Definitely talk to your doctor about that. ... (4 replies)
... I won't bore you all with my anxiety story but one thing I would desperately like to hear are your success stories with xanax and flying? ... (4 replies)
... xpect or how being that high up in the air will affect my body. Maybe that is a silly thought but I just don't know what to expect. And lucky me I will be flying with my husband who is just as nervous as I am being his first time too! Any tips? ... (4 replies)
... d time getting my mind to stop obsessing about things sometimes. Usually, it's about past things that weren't resolved to my satisfaction and have nothing to do with the current stress I'm having at the time. What things have you done to help yourself up to now? ... (2 replies)
Help me please
Feb 9, 2005
... panic attacks. If there is something truly medically wrong with you, the xanax is NOT going to mask it. Say for instance someone is having a heart attack.... a xanax is NOT GOING to stop it from happening... a xanax is not going to make the FEELINGS go away. ... (4 replies)
... on Paxil, I had my first legitimate panic attack. I was at my dad's and it hit in a restaurant. Crippling fear and dread, my heart was racing, and I disconnected with my surroundings so badly that night that it lasted for weeks. ... (1 replies)
... Oh my gosh your story is so sad. I'm sure you'll be fine this time .. do not give up .. you will regret as much as you probably did the last time. I know exactly what you're going through but you can do it :) (7 replies)
... ral capacity of the trip and the fact that ive never done anything like this before. Ive never been on a plane. I havent been out of my own city in 10 years. The anxiety has no reason or excuse. It doesn't explain itself. Its just there. ... (7 replies)
... has to happen in your body to show signs of panic, or stress for that matter. our body was designed to handle stress for short periods of time, and panic for a flight mechenism. the heart pumps faster, the muscles are tight, the puplis dialate, the brain sends all kinds of chemicals to get prepared to fight or flight. ... (1 replies)
... I've suffered from what I believe to be anxiety since I was 21...i'm now 41...the first time I got it was I was working alone and got severe heart palpitations so bad that I called the ambulance... ... (5 replies)
... and I succeeded. Sure I had panic attacks, but as long as you accept them and don't let them get you down, you can actually have a very good time!! Take with you everything that makes you comfortable and has the slightest chance of helping you. ... (5 replies)
... sweating and a feeling of " flight or fight " sometimes even pain in the chest and arm! Believe me ....all part of the attack! I take xanax for a full blown panic calm me.....but other times will just slow myself down and remember it will go away! Keep clear of the ER! ... (16 replies)
... Could someone PLEASE HELP ME? ... (14 replies)
... I feel for you. I hope you get what you need to make it on the plane. Like hry33 I also do not think that you can fight anxiety. The more you fight the worse it gets. ... (7 replies)
Flying Anxiety.
Apr 27, 2007
... I am also very terrified of flying!! We go to Europe every summer and if it weren't for my xanax I know I wouldn't go! My NaNa is also very fearful and flys often to be with other family members as she is 75 and lives alone. ... (17 replies)
... g I had felt before. That really freaked me out, knowing that while traveling over the Pacific there aren't any airports to make an emergency landing. I took a Xanax and told myself that if I was going to die, there was nothing I could do about it 36,000 feet in the air. Eventually I fell asleep. ... (9 replies)
Getting On a Plane
May 21, 2008
... I had big anxiety issues with planes, airports and the such. I tried hypnotherapy and Xanax, Valium and even homeopathic remedy. ... (4 replies)

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