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... ile back, so I called my pharmacist. She said it is not physically harmful to drink while on a SSRI, but the leaflets caution against it because of the fact that alcohol is a depressent, and SSRI's are normally given to depressed people or people with anxiety. Also, it can intensify the sleepiness effect that occurs with SSRI's. ... (11 replies)
... Wondering What The Effects Of Alcohol Are If Taking One Of The Ssri's? ... (11 replies)
... keep it to a 6 pack a week. I try my I feel my best after a couple of drinks. I can see why some people abuse alcohol. ... (11 replies)

... i remember once after coming home from a night of drinking, and a few hours after having my last drink, feeling completely, sober, but unable to sleep, i took lexapro and my anxiety got worse... (11 replies)
... I got such a bad headache that I could not finish my drink. (11 replies)
... Hi, for me it has never been a problem. I always go to the pub at the weekend and have a drink. You're probably not supposed to but you'll find most people probably do! (11 replies)
... 1 or 2 drinks occasionally is usually OK after the first few weeks but experiment by drinking at home first as the result can vary a lot (11 replies)
... Yup, you's not a problem at all. ... (11 replies)
... Yeah I think they can just make you tired, I found that to start with but they seem ok after that. ... (11 replies)
... i have a few drinks on weekends.. ... (11 replies)
... For me, it sometimes intensify's the effect. I think everyone reacts differently though. Take it slow until you know how you're body will take it. ... (11 replies)
... kali that was a big help thanks. i was worried i would have to give up my margaritas as well. :jester: (11 replies)
... I wouldn't drink on any meds. SSRIs are an antidepressant and beer is a depressant. Them to don't mix. Just be careful. Hope this helped. ... (1 replies)
... can i have 2 beers while im taking celexa? (1 replies)
... Each person metabolizes medicines and drugs differently. There are I think 4 different "types" of metabolizers. The 1st type is very sensitive to meds and can have strong effects from even the slightest bit. ... (9 replies)
... JJCHEEK, I know EXACTLY what you are going through. Our reactions to meds are almost identical down to the letter! ... (26 replies)
... Benzos may not provide euphoria, but euphoria and calmness can BOTH be "desired end results" of addictive behaviors. I was prescribed to take Xanax everyday for almost 6 months. Did I take it that way? ... (32 replies)
... I understand. I'm lucky in that I don't particularly care for alcohol so I never drink or feel the desire to. ... (6 replies)
... Fisrt thing you should know about SSRI's such as zoloft, paxil, etc., is that every person metabolizes medicines differently. I wrote about it on the boards a while back. ... (5 replies)
... Okay...well I was on Celexa too, if anything it kept my weight off. It wasn't until I was OFF meds that I gained some of the 40lbs I lost back. ... (8 replies)

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