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... One thing you need to do is find a doctor who will listen to what you have to say and be willing to work with you. If you tell them anti-depressants aren't working then they should be offering other alternatives. You haven't died from them so far, and you're not going to. You've probably experienced panic attacks as bad as you probably ever will. Don't let your mind... (12 replies)
... hi im new here and truly need help i dont know how to do this can anyone please help i have panic attacks for years and took xanax for a long time then for some reason i got better and stopped ,now im doing it again and cant find a Doctor who will give me anything but anti -depressants and they dont help i truly feel as though i am going to die my heart beats so fast i cant... (12 replies)
... opped the 20 lbs within 6 months from being off of it. i have to say while i was on the med it really helped my anxiety and at one point i rarely had to take the xanax anymore and the only side effect i can remember was restless legs syndrome became much worse. My anxiety right now is out of control and ive tried everything. ... (4 replies)

... I too suffer from the same problems we know we're fine but when it happens we cant shake it you are not alone and it makes it hard the people around you just don't seem to understand at least that's been my experience it's nice to find a venue where people understand and can relate my wife take Xanax but I was too afraid to take it however I have started taking a half of one... (8 replies)
... ety problem and im looking at possibly dealing with the dog for atleast another month or two til we go to court and i certainly can not function for months on no sleep and almost constant anxiety attacks. im at a loss with this one i dont know what to do. ... (5 replies)
... ome and we are booked in for an induction in a couple of days. My anxiety has got considerably worst, I have panic attacks all day and all that helps in taking a xanax and going to sleep. Sleep is my only relief at this moment. I am also experiencing suicidal thoughts due to this constant anxiety. ... (17 replies)
Constantly anxious
Aug 26, 2006
... have been going to dr.'s on and off for years. Lately all my blood work has been normal and the Dr.'s are saying its just my anxiety and panic disorder. I am on xanax xr 2mg and a beta blocker to stop heart racing. Im only 24 i a think im dying! i have been on benzos for 4 years once a day. ... (5 replies)
... got jolted awake at about 3am because of a intense nightmare and went right into a panic attack along with some hypnopompic hallucinations because i came out of sleep so quick.. got calmed down watched some TV and fell back asleep again in about 20min... ... (4 replies)
... in that lead me to not feel safe in our apartment. We have since gotten a security system and a rottwhiler, but it does little to help. I won't sleep when my husband is not home, I wake up mulitple times a night to make sure the alarm is armed and I wake startled at any little noise. ... (3 replies)
... thanks. im going to see 1 of my doctors tomorrow and i will ask about Xanax because wht im on is not helping.. have to say i tried so many and nothing seems to work much. ... (10 replies)
... want is just to have a normal life and be a normal teenager. I have never had to work so hard at something in my life and its really making me frustrated. I just cant seem to get a grip on life and get control of my anxiety. I really feel like Im going crazy sometimes and I just want all of this to stop. ... (4 replies)
... trying to drive so I dont end up not driving at all. Tonight I'll start to feel better before bed, I never had trouble sleeping until last night. I just couldnt sleep and im not used to that. I dont take Xanax before bed, although I do have it just in case. ... (0 replies)
... Pristiq has proved to be working well, alongside some counselling and i definitely think its a good drug even though ive never taken anything else so cant compare it. ... (13 replies)
This sucks...
Mar 12, 2007
... gonna happen but i know none of that is true. i know everything is ok while im panicing, but its just this body feeling i get. i feel it mostly in my chest and i cant stop moving around. it worse if i lay down bc i toss and turn and kick my legs around trying to get rid of the feeling. ... (8 replies)
... hi im new to the board and i too suffer from aniety and panic attacks along with agraphobia jan 2006 i had a ovary and tube removed and 2 weeks later i ened up having a bad panic attack i called 911 cause i got scared well after that i went to my gp cause my gyn who done my surgery wanted to dismiss me as fast as he could cause i was so terrifed .well my gp put me on xanax 1... (14 replies)
... nly side effect i get from klonopin is drowsiness about 4 hours after taking it. Which of course since i take it at 8pm, midnight could be the cause that i need sleep lol. But yeah it definitely lasts longer and the rebound effect isnt bad at all. ... (18 replies)
Sep 1, 2006
... did...they kept me in overnight..said everything was fine and sent me home. I was ok for a day or two and then at night time it began again only worse...i had to sleep in my parents room, i felt a tightness across my chest and i felt really unwell...this went on for 3 nights.. ... (3 replies)
Symptoms of GAD
Jul 18, 2006
... ymptom of sob on and off for at least 7 yrs. Like you, I have had tests that ruled out a physical problem but it hasnt stopped. My main issue is a feeling like I cant take a deep breath, then the worry about stopping breathing, dizziness etc. ... (3 replies)
... anxiety sufferers often have a severe reaction to their first antidepressant tablet, resulting in ambulance trips to hospital, sadly many docs wont accept this can happen xanax if he has any, will help a lot, OTC sleep aids are mild and cant hurt if he later tries another antidepressant, effexor is a SNRI type and obviously doesnt suit him, paxil is a proxzac type and may... (10 replies)
... i have reflux and shes done every test i know of. even had a ab and pelvis ct last week. i'm on zoloft now 25mg with xanax in case of attack. havent' used one yet.. been on for 10 days and cant tell a diff. ... (2 replies)

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