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... d told me to look into behavioral therapy. Sure enough all my symptoms relate to anxiety. At first I had constant fatigue, numbness, really bad neck tension, and constantly didnt feel "real" or felt like no one liked me? ... (9 replies)
... I also have a pain in my upper left quads and groin area that has been checked but still no diagnosis for the pain yet. The twitching progressed to my butt, left arm, then moved to the right side of my body and now everywhere... all over a span of several months. ... (8 replies)
... The next was concerns that I had a heart problem, specifically a defective mitrial valve. I was having shortness of breath and chest pain. I went for EKGs, echo, the whole 9 yards and nothing. ... (4 replies)

... o concerned about it! it became an absolute fear. I googled everything what it could possibly be and I was reading horror stories which made me fear even more! I constantly had this heart issue on my mind, I was always aware of the beat, i could feel pulses everywhere, in my stomach, head, neck, even fingers! ... (5 replies)
... ng up my day to day work where i would just stop working and say why continue when you will die any way. Now few days back i been experiencing this felling in my chest like cold water being poured on my chest and its going up my neck and it fells like my head will spin. ... (4 replies)
... or in a crowded place. Big open spaces also cause me to panic and dissociate. I have allways been a hypochondriac and constantly monitor my body for stimuli that I perceive to be abnormal or funny. If I come across such a symptom I normally focus on it, causing me to go into panic. ... (33 replies)
... About 3 months ago I started getting some chest pains and mild stomach upset. ... (2 replies)
... Im the type of person that constantly thinks i have cancer or that i could have a seizure or heart attack at any moment. ... (5 replies)
... cold flashes, a lot of muscle twitching everywhere, was constantly worried and thinking about my heart, and my pulse was very very high... at one point it was 100 resting. ... (10 replies)
My Daughter
Apr 7, 2005
... my left arm went numb constantly, then it switched to my right side. then to my head, then to my scalp, then to my feet. and I'd lose sleep all the time, I'd be constantly tired. I couldnt concentrate. well. I went to the doctors 4 times. ... (2 replies)
... I've had left arm pain and numbness all this week, along with left sided chest pain and occassional twitchy eye lid. ... (5 replies)
... I'm experiencing a lot of the symptoms associated wiith panic attacks but from what I've read of these they are specific events that come and go whilst my symptoms seem to be more ongoing. I have: constant tiredness twitching of arms involuntarily pain in chest (from time to time, a dull pain) racing heartbeat/palpatations (last night for first time that I know of)... (3 replies)
... o me during my anxiety attacks, dizziness and headaches are completely normal aswell, so is the rage and crying, which is from the built up emotions. When you're constantly focused on your anxiety, your emotional needs are unfufilled, and therefore, you get angry and sad. ... (15 replies)
Muscle twitches
Aug 26, 2006
... that's gone too. I now get traveling pin stick feelings on my arms and chest but they are fleeting. ... (20 replies)
... I have been having the same problem. When I first started getting my anxiety attacks I thought it was my heart. My chest felt so tight. So I went to the emergency room because I was so freaked out. I just felt something had to be wrong with me. They ran an EKG and it was fine. ... (6 replies)
... y how you feel. I get twitches CONSTANTLY.. all over my body.. mostly in my legs.. sometimes after I walk a distance, if I sit down.. the back of my thighs start twitching like crazy! Then my legs feel kind of weak. I have anxiety as well.. I have been wondering about this as well.. what can be done to stop it? ... (8 replies)
... twitch almost constantly. But, the twitching is not restricted to my feet and legs. I also twich in my arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, chest... ... (8 replies)

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