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Chest pains
Jun 18, 2003
... Do chest pains like a sore, tight, burning feeling on my left side come with stress? ... (2 replies)
... well I'm glad to say that on the most part I generally feel OK at the moment! The only weird symptom I have at the moment is a weird lightness in my chest. It feels a bit like palpitations are about to start, I also feel like I need to cough and sometimes burp! Now and then I get like a palpitation sensation and my whole body feels weird and shaky. I've been thinking and... (10 replies)
... es a day for about a week..then it was random, and i seem to get them when i sit down mostly, a few times just walking around, and out in public. I also have the feeling of a lump in my throat, what I call weak left chest feeling and hot flush when these take place. What is going on? ... (4 replies)

... I had a bad panic attack that lasted on and off for a few days.. Now it's gone and I feel calm, but today I've been feeling really nauseous, and having food aversions! ... (2 replies)
... o all that stress made me have my first panic attack while i was at work. I had all the symptoms, dizziness, confusion, unreality, heart palpitations, weak legs, feeling like about to faint, tingling arms and cold arms and feet you name it. ... (5 replies)
... t like that. I'd rather feel it all and know that's it's something I suffer from then to just feel numb to the world. I actually get like that now. If I'm not feeling my anxiety pains that I get in my chest it's like I'm numb to everything. That scares me so much sometimes. ... (35 replies)
... know for me, my mind over thinks everything then I start dwelling and freak out more thinking "well there must be something wrong if I'm thinking this way". The feeling of not knowing how I truly feel scares me to death but I try my best to remember that it's my anxiety causing me to think this way and not how I truly feel. ... (35 replies)
... take it as i was too ill too hardly move.Well after getting over that i started getting anxious again so i started my citalopram again.Well now im getting like a feeling of something stuck in my gullet.I can feel it more in my back though which is strange as normally anixety is in your chest. ... (1 replies)
... doom and feelings of something not being right with me..thinking i'm going to die...also the body symptoms, numbness,feeling like im going crazy....all kinds of chest pain and headaches, fevers, hot flashes...anyway I know i have all this and am quite aware of it all...some days are good and some are really bad.. ... (8 replies)
... at the moment though.Finding it hard to eat,like i cannot swallow or breathe when eating,feeling as if all the blood has rushed to my head causing pressure and a feeling as if i cannot hear,tight chest,tingly and prickly,dizzy,light head,thoughts of dying,its awful. ... (6 replies)
... which seems like something worth looking into for you. my biggest fear is a bran aneurysm. if i have any feeling in my head neck or face i think im going to have a brain aneurysm... ... (6 replies)
... I went through this too, I had every test in the book, and they all came back negative, but I still had intermittent chest pains, as well as hot flashes, neck pain, and a feeling of general malaise. ... (3 replies)
... I have experienced the same feeling at times. Not lately. I figured it was another "side effect" of my celexa. I had "unannounced twitching" in my legs and ankles too. ... (2 replies)
... and have suffered depression and Anxiety since my teens. However, in my early 20's, i started having shape chest pain...sort of a pinch was how i described it. I also felt like my heart was racing and sort of a foggy dream like quality. ... (8 replies)
... i felt a sensation that i had felt before and i was trying to remember.then it was like i had a day dream and everything got all weird. the sensation was a funny feeling in my stomach then i got a flush feeling in my chest.ive felt weird ever since. then i read about seizures and was scared it was some kind of epiletic episode. ... (4 replies)
... Im sorry your feeling so bad I know what you mean about how much it takes just to get through the day with this and how others cant possibly understand what it feels like. ... (33 replies)
... well what dose are you to take mine is .25 and i cut them in half but im starting to think that isnt enough for me...i think i need the whole thing cause my anxiety is still present...i freak out over taking the med...someone told me if i take the whole thing it will counteract the anxiety so i might try that and i dont take them hardly at all...i dont know why...i really... (9 replies)
... but the heartbeat and feeling in my chest doesnt bug me as much cause i know that nothing is wrong... ... (9 replies)
... ouse as much as possible. I hate walking down the street or even in my yard because I feel like people are staring at me. When I do go outside, I always have the feeling in the back of my mind that people are staring at me thinking how stupid I look. I feel like somebody will yell cruel things at me.... ... (6 replies)
... can anxiety cause scary physical symptoms like limb pains, chest pains, weak feeling, cramping through whole body, stiff body (legs,arms,stomach), allergies, gagging feeling, stomach cramping, sick to your stomach, weird surges in body.. i do have anxiety i know that, i can recongize when i feel light headed, shaky and paniced, but i was just wondering if the symptoms i... (5 replies)

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