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... at I was taking thirod meds that I didn't need and to stop them. So I did.. Well 6 long weeks of feeling like I'm on fire and my heart is going to fall out of my chest and my head was going to blow up and I was going to die it started to go away. So I knew part was the meds I was on for over 2 years. ... (2 replies)
... making it stay longer because the fact I am thinking too much about it or if it is something I should be concerned with. I understand people say sometimes its a muscle spasm but it feels deeper in my chest to me. ... (3 replies)
... cise because I felt like it would make it worse at times, and sometimes it does and other times it doesn't. I wouldn't use the term "short of breath" because it feels like I can't breathe, but I can. It's all so weird and seems like it came on overnight. I don't know what to do. ... (12 replies)

... that makes me think these palps and what not can cause a blood clot in my brain or somewhere else, can't win! the random scary heart pains are the worst though! feels like a strain and i'm sure it's probably something int he chest muscle area and just feels like it's coming from the heart but who knows! ... (5 replies)
... Here we go having the left arm pain and jaw pain again today. Also having some weird kind of chest pain but its way up high by my collar bone. The pain in my arm is like on the inside of my muscle and my elbow feels weird. ... (13 replies)
... cold flashes, a lot of muscle twitching everywhere, was constantly worried and thinking about my heart, and my pulse was very very high... at one point it was 100 resting. ... (10 replies)
... yes, we are alike! My pain is more dull and achey and almost feels like it's in my breast bone......weird. I had 2 EKG's during an episode of really intense pain which they said was a pulled muscle! ... (11 replies)
... This is my first time positing so it feels a little weird but idk where or who to turn to. First a little background, I am a 23 year old female who has been for the most part a healthy individual. ... (6 replies)
... I used to be and feel really bulky, not fat, I could just feel my body muscle in my legs and arms and stomach. However, now it seems as though I have lost muscle mass. ... (8 replies)
... pdate symptoms and new illness I have as soon as they occur also but I hoping these symptoms and hypochondria feeling leaves me soon cause I want to feel what it feels like to be normal. ... (13 replies)
... the symptoms I get are: pains and aches all over my body my jaw cracks my ears hurt my throat itches, feels like it's closing up and i often feel like im choking or cant get enough air into my lungs when I lay down one spot in my ribs hurt or feels like there is a lump I feel nauseous all the time i get sudden urges to go to the toilet I feel tired all the time i get... (14 replies)
Will it end???
Jun 7, 2004
... ch most of the time. I do have some down time, but my muscles twitch or feel week, feel like I'm producing alot of adrenaline, and my fingers like to tremble up muscle exertion, like right now when I'm typing. ... (8 replies)
... edz61 and all on this post: Thanks for all the comforting words and encouragement. Had a stressfull, tiring week-end and today back at work am doing the "dizzy" thing, eyes blurry (weird), chest feels tight but ALSO know that I lifted, carried, worked hard over the week-end so think alot is muscle pain too (trying to convince myself, ha). Have thought about getting into... (25 replies)
... Yes your obsessing. The more you obsess about it the worse it will be. it's the real issue with anxiety. if you are afraid of it you will be at it's mercy, and the more you think about it the more you prove your afraid of it and the easier it becomes to panic. By the way I have as recently as a week ago obsessed that I have MS. 95% of me knows this can all be caused by... (3 replies)
... it must mean I have Parkinson's disease or whatever. For two days the left side of my face felt kind of tingly and I had muscle twitches which scared me to death but I've had all this weird stuff many times before. I just thought it had all gone away this time!!. ... (3 replies)
Dec 29, 2005
... o female and have been having these weird symptoms pretty much ever since my son was born 3 years ago. ... (4 replies)
... Mine are pretty much the same as everyone elses.......... tingling of hands, feet and head shaky legs blurred vision (feels like I cannot focus) IBS Neck stiffness muscle twitches dizziness shortness of breath (25 replies)
... Hi hillery - any progress? I'm still waiting for my blood tests to come back (I've had a full blood analysis done eg - full blood count, Thyroid, cholesterol, blood sugar, heart enzymes etc). To be honest I'm sure most of these were done in the A&E depts when I lived in London so I don't know if they'll show anything new. How are your symptoms? I still can't get it out... (0 replies)
... I also have had the burning feeling under my skin. In fact I had this this week, across my chest and under my left arm. Feels almost like sunburn, very weird. I assume it's due to chemical inbalance, maybe too much adrenalin... ... (10 replies)

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