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... The lump in the throat feeling is how my anxiety symptoms first started. It came out of the blue, on a day like every other day and it was horrible! ... (13 replies)
... Hi jugi your problem is quite common chew the food thouroughly and if distracted, you will swallow without realising it the swallowing reflex is automatic valium type meds relax the throat muscles for a while fear of creating a scene by choking on the food when people are around is common some have to put all their food in a blender anbd cant eat solids at all :eek: ... (2 replies)
... Today I went to see my GP again for the first time in months about my ongoing breathing difficulties. And once again he told me there's nothing physically wrong with me. ... (13 replies)

... I did, in fact, see your earlier posts yesterday and consider it. ... (13 replies)
... opalfruit, not being able to take in a deep breath was my main concern. ... (13 replies)
... I started a course of weight loss pills which have adrenalin in them to speed up metabolsim. I stopped using them after 6 weeks as I became Ill with the viral infection. ... (7 replies)
... can go for long periods and not have these symptoms and then it comes back. I notice if I eat certain foods like raw onions, which I accidentally had last week on a Jr. whopper at Burger King, that it starts this up again in my throat. ... (6 replies)
... upper middle part of my chest. Sometimes it moves to the left or right side. This is even further aggravated when driving because if I wear a seatbelt the places on my chest that it touches seem to almost hurt but if I press on those places with my fingers they don't? ... (55 replies)
... to therapy for a while but stopped eventually. My main anxiety symptoms back then were feeling like I couldn't breathe and feeling lightheaded. They would come on in social situations I wasn't comfortable with. ... (1 replies)
... I am starting a new thread on my symptoms and how I feel most of my days.. I would love for others to share on this thread and post their symptoms and what they feel as well. ... (3 replies)
... sudden intake of breath in sleep that wakes me up. Yes, as well as sudden body "jerks" that wake me up Feeling like my breathing has completely stopped. ... (20 replies)
... sudden intake of breath in sleep that wakes me up. ... (20 replies)
Is this Anxiety?
Apr 16, 2006
... anemia as I thought and all of my "signs" came out okay. Some of the staff seemed to find it annoying that I would bother the ER with my apparent neuroses while on either side were heart attack and gallstone patients. ... (16 replies)
... hat I am 15 weeks pregnant. 3.5 months ago I had gotten an endoscopy done to look at my esophagus considering it felt like I constantly had food stuck. I was put on a liquid diet for 18 days prior to the scope in hopes we wouldnt have to do it and the issue would clear it self. ... (2 replies)
... hi everyone i need help, last week after having n allergic reaction to advair and my throat was swollen, I almost choked on food from having my throat swollen, so the doc gave me prednsiole and that medicine created an enorumous amount of anxiety, the day I almost choked on food, I got so anxious and I havent been able to eat a full meal and that was a week ago, I am not sure... (1 replies)
... this will NEVER go away and that I won't stop thinking of it...and will live my life every day worrying about this. So then, I start to cry...really hard and my throat feels like it's closing up and I feel like I have to cough all the time. ... (3 replies)
... Feeling of choking like a lump in my throat. I just moved a post up for you to read. It's called My Disease Called Anxiety, I think you will better understand my symptoms when reading this post. ... (2 replies)
... Eye to eye contact makes my anxiety slowly creep in and the swallow starts to go hard. ... (5 replies)

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