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Clonazepam Users
Jan 4, 2005
... I can't believe how irresponsible the Doctors were in giving you just 10 days to wean off of medication that you'd been on for years at a fairly high dose. ... (18 replies)
Clonazepam Users
Jan 4, 2005
... I guess what I want to say as I am most likely the only person to be on this med so long and such a high dose, Be Aware. Drs aren't allowed in CT to give this out as they get a little red flag near their name and narcotics come in. ... (18 replies)
... my highest dose was .5 mg once daily. ... (9 replies)

... nzo ads of the 1960's show benzos recommended for school exams,party nerves, wedding night jitters,visiting the wife's mother etc, benzos were also prescribed in high doses to aid healing after surgery. ... (12 replies)
... Sounds just like me. I just posted my story. Yesterday I asked my Dr. to increase it. She refused. Said for my weight and age that she couldn't do it. I too am worried about getting off of it. She said she would not take me off of it unless I was on something else (Paxil) which I really don't want to take either. Evenings are pretty good. But then comes the morning. ... (2 replies)
... I have been taking .5 mg. tablets of Clonazepam three times a day for GAD and Panic Attacks for about three years now. ... (2 replies)
... n out may simply be the return of your anxiety, but you need to make sure you dont run out as siezures are a rare possibility from quitting cold turkey from your dose after such a long time on it. ... (6 replies)
... I think you're taking a pretty high dosage right now, but I'm not exactly positive. ... (2 replies)
... HI I'm new to your boards in regards to klonopin. I've been in 3/4 of a .5mg for about 6 months. I take it for vertigo as i have a disorder called Vestibular migraine and it causes anxiety when the dizziness is bad. I've had the disorder for 3 yrs now and have tried many of meds. I've had anxiety both health and GAD most of my life but was very controled without meds... (0 replies)
Aug 10, 2007
... dn't like the generic kind..maybe it is all in my head but I will only take brand name drugs unless they are ridiculously expensive. I have been taking them same dose for 7 years. I take all 4mg's at once instead of spreading them throughout the day and I really do not feel high just relief. ... (10 replies)
Jul 7, 2006
... called Versed which is supposed to be in the benzo family, and it didn't even knock me out. I'm not sure if 60mg's of serax, or 20mg's of valium is considered a high dose taken at once. Is there something else better that I don't know of that would work better? ... (6 replies)
... Each dose of Clonazepam seems to work longer for me. About one and a half times longer than Diazepam ever did. ... (7 replies)
... :) I understand what you are may be right. But, as an honor student in college, I research everything that is of importance to me. I'm going in to the doctorís office with an agenda on paper (that he will be going over with me). As the paying customer, I'm going to run the show :D ...but at the same time, not coming across as if I am questioning his knowledge and... (11 replies)
... really helped me deal with the anxiety while waiting for the zoloft to work. From what I understand my doses are not even high. zoloft is only 50mg a day and the clonazepam pills are 0. ... (3 replies)
... I have been using Clonazepam for like 20 years now. My doctor was smart and told me ways to restrict the dosage to 0.5 mg per day. It works. However I do feel times better at 1 mg per day. ... (0 replies)
... you notice it dramatically at the times you are scheduled to take another dose it may mean you are metabolizing it more rapidly then you used to and ramping the dose by another pill or increasing the dose strength may be the most practical solution. ... (3 replies)
XANAX users.
May 27, 2003
... especially when taken for a long time or in high doses. ... (25 replies)
... mg is a great starting dose! My doctor started me at 10mg and I believe that it was too high a starting dose. I'm now at 20mg and feeling almost back to "normal". ... (13 replies)
... clonazepam is a useful valium type med which can be taken as needed and will help, obviously her dose was too high, can you remember it? ... (4 replies)
Feb 21, 2004
... Rivotril/clonazepam is a valium type med and all these are good for the shakes and social anxeity paxil is an antidepressant that sometimes helps with both problems, but after 10 weeks, it may be doing nothing for you, your dose could be upped as its low, ask doc or a pharmacist, a dose of rivotril lasts about 4 hours and there is some risk of addiction at high doses if... (3 replies)

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