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... I dont know about cutting CR tablets either, ask a pharmacist most people come off paxil OK with few problems (9 replies)
... as dying, my mom sat at the bedside and cried I felt awful till the fifth day I woke up and thought I had died...hahaha! I was so calm it felt unnatural. Well, paxil worked! ... (27 replies)
Going off paxil
Aug 22, 2006
... I was put in 10 mg paxil which I was on for about a year and I'm deciding to come off it since I'm feeling a lot better. However, my doctor only works 3 days a week and I haven't spoken to her about it. ... (7 replies)

... Here's the thing... I've been taking less than 1 milligram every few days!! for years!.. and still cant get off it every 3 days i take a tiny microscopic piece of paxil if i wait 5 days... the zaps, etc. come back GlaxoSmithKlyne MUST have known these "zaps", etc. would happen when people come off paxil -- because it takes yrs of testing to get a drug on the... (12 replies)
... most people come off these antidepressant meds fairly easily the med is out of your system fairly soon however paxil does have a reputation for being difficult to stop sometimes, called paxil discontinuation syndrome, seems to be a type of addiction valium type meds help (1 replies)
... I've been on 10mg Paxil too for 10 months now and my doctor doesn't want me to come off them until I start taking yoga classes. I haven't started taking yoga classes so now I just take the pill every 3 days or so cause I want to get off these pills. ... (1 replies)
Going off paxil
Aug 22, 2006
... Paxil can be very difficult to come off of, comparable to Effexor, so to be on the safe side I would wean off very slowly. ... (7 replies)
... well I cant say weather anyne else would have a hard time weaning off certains I didnt or not as you say it depends.I also had one heck of a time weaning off Paxil the first try after one week I gave up and started taking the full dose again. ... (3 replies)
... read up on paxil discontinuation syndrome n the net most come off antidepressants fairly easily, of course the return of the original anxiety problems can be wrongly thought of as after effects on stopping, all the med is out of your system soon, so prolonged after effects suggest some type of addiction perhaps :confused: (3 replies)
... I personally HATE Paxil. I am on it, have been for 3 years, and have on several occasions tried to come off of it, and can't do it. I get what is called the "Paxil Flu", a real condition that some people get when coming off of it. ... (12 replies)
... My doctor prescribed Paxil CR to me nine months ago for some anxiety I was having over a medical problem assuming that stress and anxiety were causing the problem. ... (10 replies)
... I have been on Paxil and Xanax for over a year, I started to wean off the paxil a couple of weeks ago, I am tired of the weight gain and just wanted to come off of the drugs altogether anyway, but came off of it without completely weaning like I should have. ... (8 replies)
... I dont' want to discourage you but I feel I need to be honest about what this drug has done to myself and others I know who've taken it. I took Paxil for 4 years and gained way way too much weight and it was a monster to come off. Even weened off it for weeks and it didn't help. ... (10 replies)
... It has worked great both times. The first time I went off it because of the sexual side effects, I was in a new relationship and didnt want to deal with that. ... (14 replies)
... I agree with heyzeus becareful if you go off paxil. I was put on zoloft 5 years ago, after 2 years it stopped, went to wellbutrin and effexor. wellbutrin helped me stop smoking and effexor was so so. ... (7 replies)
... How did you come off the Paxil? ... (7 replies)
... muscle aches, fatigue, dizziness. It was horrible. So I slowed down the taper. Ask your doc, but you may have to just break off pieces of pills and very gradually go off. Even with a gradual taper, people sometimes have symptoms, they just aren't as bad. ... (6 replies)
... i decided to get off paxil on my own because of the constant exaustion and i didn't feel like my jokingly self. in a day i felt normal. after day four is when i got the dizzy spells. ... (8 replies)
... Doctors love prescribing Paxil first because they feel like it works the best. ... (5 replies)
... I just started Lexapro and I am being weaned off Paxil at the same time. I have been on Paxil for 10 yrs. and it has truely been a wonderful antidepressant! I stopped taking it due to the lack of sex drive, etc. ... (43 replies)

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