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... d in social situations and I become quite hostile making things even worse. What's weird is I'm not unhappy, I'm quite a happy person generally I just have these problems everyday and I get on with it. ... (2 replies)
... numbness of the left side of the face and left arm, light headed and a feeling that makes me believe I am going to pass out, stomach issues, neck and back pain, constant urination, etc. ... (4 replies)
... d weak, and I have head pressure on the right side mostly, I also feel like when I walk, I walk to one side i am having coordination problems. I also have memory problems which I listed before. These are all brain tumor symptoms but can they really be symptoms of anxiety and stress too. But on the bright side no more headaches!!!! ... (13 replies)

... Hi, can anyone tell me if they have anxiety symptoms that last most of the day, but symptoms get worse at random? ... (2 replies)
... Hi Lily, I'm new to this board. You are not alone. I'm hoping this group will provide me with some support and understanding. I'm 31 and am still going through a plethora of tests to determine what is causing my "normal sinus tachycardia." Prior to 3-4 weeks ago I thought my heart rate was normal (and was asymptomatic). Throughout the years, whenever I'd go to the MD my... (4 replies)
Nov 7, 2009
... still be showing signs of anxiety IE, my temples will be tingling, I'll have muscle pains, I'll be very edgy, the slightest noise will cause me to jump, I have a constant fear that there's something wrong with me and that i'm going die any second, it really sucks. ... (4 replies)
... I suffer from constant worry, social anxiety, irratibility, inability to concentrate, and sleep problems. ... (3 replies)
... fer from twitching and anxiety, and I thought it could be ALS, or MS. I talked with my doctor about it, and he said that muscle twitching is a common response to anxiety and stress. ... (11 replies)
... I have suffered anxiety all of my life. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I am a (formerly) healthy 27 yr old with a history of depression / anxiety. I took paroxetine for 4 years to address anxiety issues (which I belive to be demonstrably hereditary). Anyway about 10 months ago I discontinued the ssri's I was on and felt OK, not good just ok really, a bit up and down. Around christmas time I split up with my girlfriend and went on a... (3 replies)
... use I felt quite dizzy. Later in the day I suffered some breathing problems which really scared me so I went to the hospital to get checked over and everything seemed fine. I think this has probably triggered my anxiety. ... (9 replies)
... ed out like I had around 3 or 4 beers yet I was totally sober. I took Paxil for around 3 months and it didn't seem to do much so i figured I could do without the constant tiredness it made me feel. ... (1 replies)
... me, my mind will go blank, I don't know... it's hard to explain. And sometimes these thoughts don't have anything to do with the social situation, but with other problems in my life. ... (6 replies)
... Ok.. well I've had major anxiety about health issues recently... become obsessive about my heart to the point where I check my pulse constantly.. I've even had about 3 MAJOR panic attacks... ... (5 replies)
... I have 4 kids so Im naturally busy. Ive had anxiety problems since I was a child my parents said, I worried about EVERYTHING exp. my health which is my main cause of anxiety!! ... (20 replies)
... eft hand too....and i start seeing this little floater in my left left......just a tiny black dot. then i get the lighthead and whoosy feeling and the breathing problems kick in. ... (2 replies)
... When strange health stuff like this happens I try to dismiss as much as possible since I have had many health visits in my last 4 years of anxiety hell. ... (2 replies)
... Also, don't forget some of these things can be related to hormonal changes with menstruation and for some women, anxiety can be helped by things like birth control pills. ... (3 replies)
Mar 12, 2006
... I am also an anxiety and panic disorder sufferer and I have been especially stressed job in Paris, hectic job, leaving friends and family..yada yada yada. ... (5 replies)
... I'm wondering if any of you can answer a few questions. The symptoms I have fit so many categories and I'm trying to narrow them down. When someone has anxiety "attacks" don't they come and go? ... (7 replies)

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