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... I have the yawning and sighing constantly problem. as tho im struggling to get enough air into my lungs to feel a deep satisfying breath. ... (2 replies)
... id reflux does sometimes. now thats mild now, no breathing probs with the I THINK, but im not sure. all tests are fine that i took for everything. since then, im constantly short of breath. its always on my mind and it wont go on its own. its either fast, or heavy like a car is on my chest. ... (11 replies)
... Hi all fairly new to the boards so hi to everyone! So for the last 3 weeks I've been down in the dumps and recently come back from a 2 week holiday which was brilliant and i had no worries there at all, before i went away i went to A & E because my left side of kneck was a tad swollen and i had difficulties breathing the doctor explained that this was because i did have a... (0 replies)

... About a month ago, I started having a shortness of breath. It feels like I cant get a good enough breath in , like Im constantly breathing deep but its still not satisfying. ... (4 replies)
... diagnosis of my problems. ... (0 replies)
... anxious all the time so I feel constantly short of breath. I can not talk loud and I always feel like I'm on the verge of hyperventilation. ... (4 replies)
... I hope you feel better soon too! (5 replies)
... According to my doctors = yes - I went into the hospital this past Sat. until Monday - they did a lot of heart, lung tests - I have alittle COPD - and I was prescibed ADVAIR and Zoloft - they said it pointed to anxiety mostly - but for the last 3 weeks I have had the SOB constantly from morning until night - sometimes getting a long breath, sometimes yawning and sometimes even... (5 replies)
... I've had the tests done but am still worried. Also constantly short of breath. ... (12 replies)
... A friend of mine suggested I might have mitral valve prolapse. ... (6 replies)
... anxiety disorder for years...First of all..stop dehydrates you and can and will bring on attacks. ... (5 replies)
... About 5 weeks ago I started to get short of breath at times. i did not take much notice to it and simply pushed through it for a week or so. but as time has gone on my symptoms have become much more severe. ... (5 replies)
... A few months ago I had a serious allergic reaction to a nut bar I ate, an allergy I had been unaware of all my life until this occurrence. All my life I have eaten peanuts and cashews etc. ... (4 replies)
... I have posted before, does anyone stay constantly lightheaded and short of breath? ... (3 replies)
May 29, 2014
... weeks ago i had a bad cold,flu coughing up yellow,etc,my dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital for 1 week. the second day he was in the hospital,i felt short of breath,whole body felt numb ,face went numb,heart felt like it was beating out of chest,my penis went very small and hard could not bend it or nothing. ... (1 replies)
... orries, especially if a loved one is seriously sick or if you fear you have a seriuos health condition. They can also be brought on by the normal everyday stress of work and home situations with children, spouse, ect. I wouldnt wish anxiety on anyone. Its hard to shake off and the symptoms seem like they will never go away. ... (4 replies)
... I get horrible panic attacks where I feel dizzy, disconnected from myself, hot, short of breath and heart palps. I feel like I'm going crazy and will have to get up from my desk, go to the private bathroom and lay my head against the cool wall. ... (95 replies)
... Just looking for some advice on how to cope with constantly obsessing that something dreadful is wrong with me. ... (5 replies)
... Just when I get used to the physical symptoms of anxiety,I get new ones.I have started this weird thing where my breath is suddenly taken away for a moment.I also am short of breath and slightly lightheaded. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the quick responses. I get short of breath (can't get a deep breath, yawn a lot), my eyes feel weird (things just look odd and I get afraid of blacking out), I feel like I want to RUN AWAY, I get muscle twitches and am also emotional b/c I hate what I am feeling. It really, really sucks. There are days that are great, and when I can rationally calm myself down.... (6 replies)

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