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... It is amazing from one Dr to the next. My Dr told me the withdrawls were horrible after I called to tell her what I was experiencing. I do believe that water retention is "part" of the weight issue. I take my med at night and in the a.m. my fingers are really puffy. I also take senna to help with the constipation. I have never had a weight problem and this is so depressing... (12 replies)
... No withdrawal symptoms usually with reduction in dosage, just more depressed and sometimes more anxiety. I have Xanax so I take it if I need it when the Cymbalta makes me anxious. ... (12 replies)
... Fusionqueen - I responded to you on another post. I am going through the same stuff with the Cymbalta. Now gaining a bit of weight, bloated. I also don't care for the anxiety. I was thinking of asking the pharmacist about this, sometimes they are of more help than the doctors. I am also really constipated with the Cymbalta, which I don't like either and have no sex... (12 replies)

... These meds work so differently for everyone. The Cymbalta has been great for my depression. I can't say it's been good for sexual side effects though. Usually just no interest. ... (12 replies)
... drug might be good for me and my anxiety. i have had sexual side effect isses with other drugs like prozac and anafranil, so im being recommended to take either cymbalta or effexor. my doctor thought this issue didnt happen quite as often with these two drugs than some of the others. ... (12 replies)
... this usually works for me like wonders. Not now, though. Sometimes I get a really bloated feeling after eating, my stomach gets so big and tender. I think the Cymbalta has given me Irritable bowel syndrome or something. I took some stool softener yesterday and it helped today with going to the bathroom if you know what I mean. ... (12 replies)
... I ahve been thry ALL the meds there are and I am now on Cymbalta and have been since Oct 1. I have not felt good but it has gotten rid of depression and panic..... ... (12 replies)
... interesting about the chronic i have degenerative disk disease.... so that might be helpful for me. well, we shall see. im seeing a new therapist tomorrow....and then i have to find a good dr. for the meds... i'll see what i end up with. i wish all these meds didnt have such a chance of sexual side effects or weight gain. you'd think they'd be able to come up with... (12 replies)
... Hi Fusion Ive never taken Prozac before, but it's about the only one I haven't tried. I felt really good when I started Paxil, but then became pregnant within a month and didn't want to take it being pregnant so I came off of it and weaned and had terrible WIthdrawals. I swore I would never take that med again. Some people report withdrawals on Lexapro and I was on that... (12 replies)
... Do you get any withdrawl symptoms with the depression? I get dizzy, light headed and terrible anxiety when I cut back even One Ball. I am going to try taking 1/2 of my dose at night and 1/2 in the a.m. and see if that does anything weight wise Otherwise I will try to cut it back and see what happens.....I do know this is a very adictive med and a very potent one!! Let me... (12 replies)
... Sorry Fusionqueen, I didn't answer the question about dosage. I was dumping out half of a 20mg capsule when I was taking 10mg. It's really unscientific, but it worked. Now I can't seem to dump out any otherwise I am depresssed within 1-2 days. I'm starting therapy and hoping that this combined with weaning off may keep me OK. Chris (12 replies)
... How do know you started on 10mg? Does it come in that dosage now? I am taking the capsule apart and taking the balls inside. I put them into an empty capsule. I take 6 at night and 1 in the a.m. Ir really have no appetite. That is why the weight gain is sooooooooo frusterating. This a.m. I just knew the the weight would be better. I went to the bathroom(ya know what I mean)... (12 replies)
... wow I am dealing with constipation as well............NO SEX DRIVE too. I have only had a few days of depression on it but I feel so FLAT! My husband asks me if I ever get excited about anything. I really hate med changes as I am so sensitive. I don't even know where I would go next as I hve been on them all. I am begining to feel I will be like this forever and just to accept... (12 replies)
... he horrible withdrawals but, so far, I have only had a few. My chest hurts and feels tight. I feel like I have to cough all the time. I also had brain fog and confusion for about 6 days. I was put on Cymbalta 20mgs on the same day I quit Celexa. So my I in the clear for withdrawal problems? ... (2 replies)

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