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... admitted to 20mg of citalopram. I've found that online i can see similar stories and share my own experiences with people knowing that i'm not alone,it reallydoes help! ... (5 replies)
Nov 26, 2003
... had awful pain in ears, neck, head, eyes and even numbness from the ear to my lip on that side. I have talked to others that have had the vertigo with it though. ... (16 replies)
... This is my story and my truth...I'm sharing this very personal and trying time in my life . Be patient reading this it will make sense as far as the anxiety a little later on in the story! ... (0 replies)

... It just made me wonder if you googled symptoms and that stuff popped up. ... (7 replies)
... Well, I often get dizzy with slight vertigo and disorientation when I have a panic attack. I just pause, and my hand goes reflexively to my forehead while I bow my head and reorient myself. I guess this is to shut out outside stimulation, idk. ... (2 replies)
... Hi all I am a newbie and my daughter found this site for me. Here is my story ... ... (5 replies)
... I have been doing a lot of research on POTS, and chronic orthostatic intolerance which is just about the same disorder without the sever blood pressure changes. ... (14 replies)
... Came across your post, was originally posting to MS boards, because that is what my PCP thought I might have, now he's saying probably anxiety or depression and wants to put me on meds, these are the symptoms I have in the order they have started... ... (31 replies)
... has taken me to a level I never considered possible. 2020 began with the miscarriage of a child that left me reeling in ways I had never experienced. The sadness and total despair were so heavy. ... (1 replies)
... xperienced vision problems that were directly related to the neck. When nerves are pinched in the neck there is swelling which affects your vertigo, your vision and even sensitivity to light. ... (6 replies)
... yesterday, i was sitting in school taking a test, when all of a sudden i looked up and i felt like the room was spinning. it was kinda like when you spin around for a few seconds then stop and the room is moving. well yeah, that happened to me. ... (5 replies)
Dec 26, 2009
... As a child, I would often suffer from tiny bouts of derealization, lasting only about a minute and would quickly fade. As I aged, these bouts of depersonalization and derealization have become an integrated part of my everyday life. ... (11 replies)
... th those symptoms. I have learned to deal during the day, with breathing techniques. Breathing in slowly through your nose making sure your stomach is going out and your not breathing through your chest, Then exhale through your mouth slowly. At night its hard to pay attention to your breathing an dthat is why I cant sleep. ... (4 replies)
... Well, something happened to me beginning in JUNE of 2007 and I am still puzzled about what it was. So are the docs i have paid to help. ... (4 replies)
When does it stop?
Oct 26, 2003
... Thank you for your reply and concern. ... (5 replies)
No hope
Jul 4, 2009
... vertigo,dizzy spells,and other maladies.Thousands of our beautiful soldiers and marines from the war,are in need of a loving hand,and a note of appreciation. ... (5 replies)
... two years ago i was diagnosed with pancreatitis, which i thought odd, since i dont drink, i didnt have gallstones, but anyway, ever since then i feel really sick at least a few days a month, possibly a week or two, i feel nauseated almost all the time, i get really dizzy, not really vertigo, but just the sensation, and everytime i feel sick to my stomach i think its something... (3 replies)
... silly, I had those test, vemp, caloric, all of them and a balance test,goggles. ... (14 replies)
... one day i was driving to college when suddenly i got confused, my mind blanked and i felt i was about to die. i came back rushing home and went to sleep. the next day i woke up and had a feeling of heavy headiness and a total foggy and lost mind. ... (1 replies)
... face with people about your problems. Ok, so first of all I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, and about my experiences with anxiety. ... (0 replies)

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