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... Well, I often get dizzy with slight vertigo and disorientation when I have a panic attack. I just pause, and my hand goes reflexively to my forehead while I bow my head and reorient myself. ... (2 replies)
... First of all hello to all of you. i,m 22 male. i,m just fed up up of my life . please somebody help me :( i,ve been to thousands of docs but i am not recovering. first of all i,ll tell a little history how it all started. one day i was driving to college when suddenly i got confused, my mind blanked and i felt i was about to die. i came back rushing home and went to sleep.... (1 replies)
... two years ago i was diagnosed with pancreatitis, which i thought odd, since i dont drink, i didnt have gallstones, but anyway, ever since then i feel really sick at least a few days a month, possibly a week or two, i feel nauseated almost all the time, i get really dizzy, not really vertigo, but just the sensation, and everytime i feel sick to my stomach i think its something... (3 replies)

... You are very welcome! I am sorry to hear you are suffering from the same symptoms as me. I know how life altering vertigo can be and I totally understand what you are feeling and are going through. ... (50 replies)
... roof. I had to take the BB again. Now that I have stopped taking the beta blockers my memory is coming back, and the eye doctor has fixed my eye. I still feel vertigo and dizziness but not so much or that often. The twitching has stopped for the most part except when I get anxiety or a panic attack. ... (99 replies)
... my flight. Needless to say that one moment in time changed my life forever. I remember walking to the terminal when suddenly I was struck with an extreme bout of vertigo and sickness my whole body gave out I was so disoriented and sick.... ... (0 replies)
Nov 26, 2003
... had awful pain in ears, neck, head, eyes and even numbness from the ear to my lip on that side. I have talked to others that have had the vertigo with it though. ... (16 replies)
... great majority of the folks on here to varying degree's but I've never read about it on this board so just thought I'd share. I'm gonna cross post this with the depression board so hope the mods here don't get mad but I think it's important to let you all know about it. ... (2 replies)
... Mhaines, I saw your other post about the neck pains, dizziness and the side pains. I am including a list of additional symptoms below. Please check these symptoms and see if you suffer from any of these as well (These are related to Lyme Disease which I have and that is why I recognized your symptoms right away): Anxiety, panic attacks, Fatigue/tiredness,... (4 replies)
... I went to regular doctors for true vertigo and they always diagnosed me wrong. I finally went to an ENT and got it all under control. ... (7 replies)
... Went to ENT, nothing to be seen but said position vertigo , gave me some excercises which involved tilting my head back and was worse so stopped doing them. ... (5 replies)
... caused by a myriad of things, so it wouldn't hurt to have this checked out if you are experiencing sinus problems. Also, Veritgo can come about through bouts of depression also....You might want to research this. Hang in there! ... (65 replies)
... ce which is just about the same disorder without the sever blood pressure changes. I myself think I need to be tested for this as well as the migraine associated vertigo theory I have being that I suffer from daily chronic headaches. ... (14 replies)
Dizzy 24/7
Mar 28, 2005
... he aura. The sensation of movement after you have stopped is the definiton of vertigo, which you describe feeling. If I had to make bets, I would say it wasn't depression or anxiety causing your condition, but "silent" migranes. ... (44 replies)
... ot too bad thanks. I've recently had a "blip" though following a cold and then a cold sore. The cold sore really knocked me around again, increasing the dizzies, vertigo and now anxiety. Had to up the meds slightly to try and stamp it out. It's working but still feel off....unsteady. ... (9 replies)
Am I going insane?
Jan 28, 2003
... Paxil and other antidepressants can cause mania or maniac reactions. Perhaps if you haven't had mania in the past, it could be a result of all the meds? Lowering the dose would be ok if you haven't developed drug tolerance, in which case you would have withdrawal reactions upon lowering the dose. Do you not like to go out because of noise sensitivity? Or a feeling of... (4 replies)
... Carrie, I am not a medical professional but I have first-hand experienced vision problems that were directly related to the neck. When nerves are pinched in the neck there is swelling which affects your vertigo, your vision and even sensitivity to light. I was lucky that mine went away with neck exercises, electrical stimulation via electrodes placed on my neck and shoulder,... (6 replies)
Dec 26, 2009
... I am new here. I am writing because I often find myself on such websites, trying to find people with similar symptoms as myself. Unfortunately, I can never find anything exactly, so I decided to post something of my own. Any responses are greatly appreciated.. As a child, I would often suffer from tiny bouts of derealization, lasting only about a minute and would quickly... (11 replies)
... depression, even though I have so many physical symptoms and don't have anything like a panic attack. No one that knows me can believe a diagnosis of depression or anxiety. ... (7 replies)
... I have had the same thing. I get woken up all nigt long with those symptoms. I have learned to deal during the day, with breathing techniques. Breathing in slowly through your nose making sure your stomach is going out and your not breathing through your chest, Then exhale through your mouth slowly. At night its hard to pay attention to your breathing an dthat is why I cant... (4 replies)

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