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... but this derealization thing is making me really miserable. I have real problem relaxing and not thinking about it and the minute I do, it stands over me like a guardian. ... (29 replies)
... I think it may be anxiety but I'm not sure. ... (3 replies)
... ve had the light headedness, which sucks, I feel it right now actually a little bit and the thing with standing up and getting dizzy too. It really sounds like anxiety to me, another thing that might be causing it, is that you breathe too shallow. This is also a part of anxiety, and a lot of people on here will attest to it. ... (3 replies)

... Basically it seems that we all have "silent assumptions" in us, which may be distorted and just plain wrong in anxiety and depression sufferers. ... (29 replies)
... thanks for your reply ... how do you deal with your anxiety? do you see a therapist, or take any sort of medication? This "feeling" is getting to the point where it affects my schoolwork and my relationships w/ others, and I want to do something about it but I don't really know what to do thanks for the help (3 replies)
... It is caused by it. You cannot get rid of it until your panic and anxiety is gone for a while. ... (9 replies)
... The first time I ever experienced derealization was at a late night diner with friends. I was 17 years old. ... (8 replies)
... I don't know if all states of derealization can be put in the same category. Some may be experiencing an episode of dizziness which could bring about disorientation and thus feelings of derealization. ... (13 replies)
... When I first came across it, the implications of derealization caused me more anxiety than i had initially. Wondering if I had it, if I'd continue to have it, if i'd ever snap out of it etc. ... (7 replies)
... I believe it's depression or maybe anxiety that stops me from seing some hope or finding relief. ... (3 replies)
Dec 26, 2009
... child, I would often suffer from tiny bouts of derealization, lasting only about a minute and would quickly fade. As I aged, these bouts of depersonalization and derealization have become an integrated part of my everyday life. ... (11 replies)
... experienced the "derealization" is during a panic attack which means alot of other symptoms are happening at the same time. I have a question or two. Is your anxiety the sole result of not wanting the derealization or did the derealization begin only after you had experienced anxiety for other reasons? ... (8 replies)
... ed my problem in several threads, thinking it could be anything from sinus probs. to hormone imbalances, to brain tumors. I'm going to do some research into this Derealization phenomenon. ... (13 replies)
... ment I tried to explain this feeling and the dr told me that it was called "derealization" feeling detached from the situation your in...and that it was apart of anxiety and panic attacks WOW!!!! ... (2 replies)
... ually went from a really bad place to feeling really good about things mainly by just practicing being "present" as I mentioned. Its a good practice for anyone, anxiety or not. ... (5 replies)
... I've been experiencing terrible derealization and anxiety for a few days now, and it seems quite severe. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks a bunch something I needed to hear its always good to know your not the only one in the boat! (8 replies)
... Finally, it may well be that others are more susceptible to derealization than others...and that your susceptibility to it on a day to day basis may fluctuate depending on your energy level. ... (8 replies)
... Oh boy, I can totally relate. Depersonalization and Derealization are probably the WORST side effects of anxiety, panic, etc... ... (11 replies)
Apr 13, 2010
... Hey everyone... I haven't posted for a while, it's been really busy, but I'm STILL having issues with my anxiety. Now my occasional derealization and dream like state along with lack of concentration and confusion has pretty much become a daily occurance. ... (7 replies)

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