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It's back!
Jun 30, 2007
... My pdoc didn't think I was suffering from derealization neither did my social worker. They sent me for more testing. ... (3 replies)
... I'm surprised you're taking an SSRI for "slight depression". What exactly is derealization? ... (6 replies)
... and am about to up my dose to 50. For me, I really think it is a good SSRI! I also have a lot of problems with derealization and my panic attacks tend to occur when derealization hits me. ... (5 replies)

... unreal, foggy, or detached from you.kind of like you feel as if everything around you is like a movie and you are watching from the outside....often times with derealization I also feel drugged up or drunk. ... (13 replies)
Mar 26, 2006
... Keeping in mind I have not been on an SSRI in years, I am hoping that this just work. ... (8 replies)
... After years of drinking, pot smoking and getting away with it, now you are paying the price. I've heard alot of people just one day freak out from pot even if they didn't before, and it is well known that cognitive ability diminishs with pot over time. Taking meds like lexapro and paxil, IMHO, only complicate the situation since they both are serotonin drugs.....serotonin... (7 replies)
Death ...
Jul 12, 2016
... Hi Marty- You know I often think about the same things as you do, and I'm sure every person on the Earth has felt the same way you do, but unfortunately there is nothing any of us can do to stop the inevitable. I guess that's why all of us have to make the best out of each and every moment of our lives so not a minute gets wasted. Unfortunately anxiety, ocd, phobias,... (3 replies)
... Well, I remained on the Paxil from 2010 to summer of 2013, when I began to feel that a new SSRI could help me better. ... (0 replies)
... David, I feel for you. You absolutely have the right to get a doctor you feel comfortable with. If you are not happy with your current Dr., move on. Please don't lose hope as there is light at the end of the tunnel. I went through the phase of derealization, thoughts of suicide (not that I would ever do it, but these thoughts absolutely freaked me out). There are... (8 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with anxiety since 14, and its been six years of taking ssri and psychotropic, recently i couldnt see doctors so i stopped those meds and also have been taking high dosages of klonopin or ativan because ive switched.. ... (1 replies)
... I have suffered from panic and anxiety for a year and 1/2. Currently I am off all medications and have been doing fine for many months with the exception of this dream like state i am in. Possible it is derealization. My Last klonopin was last month due to an operation i was having and I was freaking out. Other than that the last one I took was last September. Today I can't... (1 replies)
... I can relate to all of your feelings. The derealization and depersonalization are probably the scariest of the symptoms during a panic attack. I have had it happen many times. ... (14 replies)
... I am refering to this thread.... it was too old, so it was closed... Anyways, My question is, can the constant feeling of DR/DP cause brain damage or a permenant impairment of the brain???? I am so terrified of this, I am afraid I will forget who I am or be in a state of constant anxiety forever? Please help!!! Also, in the above mentioned thread, someone suggested... (9 replies)
... The electric shock sounds like zaps people get when going through withdrawal from Paxil or other SSRI's. Otherwise, I guess you could just be having derealization like during a panic attack. I think we need more info. ... (4 replies)
... I get anxiety constantly - I do worry about things all the time and I am extremely moody and slightly depressed, although these things do not bother me and I can deal with them without meds what I need medication for is my physical symptoms which I often get on and off for no particular reason (drunk feeling, "out of it," derealization, lack of concentration) which affects... (10 replies)
... Angel I cant decide for It's a mess. I am doing okay today but in general I am having bad derealization symptoms and I had them much less on Paxil. That is my MAIN and WORSE symptom. My anger seems to have gone down, but my depression is wavy at times. I dunno. ... (37 replies)
Effexor XR
Mar 9, 2003
... Is Effexor a SSRI? Anyways whats a good drug to battle depersonalization\derealization? (2 replies)

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