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... Boy can I relate to that!! EVERYTHING BOTHERS ME!! EVERYTHING. It's very annoying and extremely hard to like anyone including myself because of it. What bothers me and other people close to me more is that I sweat the little things and don't think twice about the bigger things that I SHOULD be stressing about. ... (10 replies)
... I would be very interested in taking something that helps me just relax and realize people are people. I get EXTREMELY frustrated with everything. Getting to work and going to school are becoming overwhelming. ... (10 replies)
... but with me a few months ago, it was every little thing would irritate me, annoy me, make my skin crawl. ... (10 replies)

... Oh my gosh I can't believe how much yall sound like me. Doc started me on Buspar today because of it. I espcially liked the rides at the fair thing. That is a big one of mine. Always afraid something bad will happen. ... (10 replies)
... Or when shopping and people stand way too close to me in line! ... (10 replies)
... I used to have road rage if someone cut me off id chase them down and do it back lol i laugh but its really not good.If someone tailgated me id slam breaks. ... (10 replies)
... m of worrying about little things. I had my hair colored today and had a panic attack. I can't help but think the dye will some how seep into my scalp and make me sick. I know it is stupid, considering how many people a day dye there hair. ... (10 replies)
... ids on and on and then I have also the worry how I will function that day since it is then 2 or 3 am and I still have not slept.The car following to close behind me well I sometimes worry im going to slow but most times that makes me angry so I will slow down more and they pass me or deal with it. ... (10 replies)
... I am the same way. I am very worried about people driving to close to me because I fear I am making them mad about driving too "slow". I am always looking in the rearview mirror. I am always worried about "making someone upset". ... (10 replies)
... I have a problem lately that stupid little thing gives me anxiety. Like I can hear my roommate coughing next door and then I feel like I have to turn down my TV becuase he is trying to sleep. ... (10 replies)
... problems, but that doesn't help me, it just makes my worrying worse. If I hear someone say certain things like even jokes, I can get mad if it's something that bothers me. I can not watch the TV anymore because even if I see certain people on the TV, I will get worried and just turn it off. ... (4 replies)
... job, kids, elderly parents, and have been getting these attacks for the past few years but recently they've increased in the past two weeks. Everything bothers me and everything roams through my head, day in and day out. My blood pressure soars at times and I get hot inside and then I get chilled and start to shiver. ... (5 replies)
... what i need, I know it sounds weird, but i do. I DONT LIKE IT.. I always make up excuses that i dont feel good, or that i need to do something, if a friend asks me to hang out and its going to be around OTHER people i dont know. So basically now i have maybe 2 good friends and a Boyfriend. ... (13 replies)
My Story
Jul 18, 2017
... stly that I had beaten it, no panic attacks, no real stress for several years but then it reared it's ugly head yet again only this time it seems so much worse. Everything bothers me, sets me off, yesterday had to go to PT for first time, I was a mess, today have follow up with kidney doctor and I'm a basket case. ... (2 replies)
... I do the same thing I cant sleep much cause everything bothers me to the point I get really bad anxiety.a few nights a week may be good but then somthing always upsets me. ... (7 replies)
... be scared of pills BIG TIME---learn 'deep-breathing-, and counting to ten---distract yourself with pleasing thoughts---i had an attack on the san diego freeway---pulled over, checked my tire pressure, oil-lvel, etc.---panic was gone. no 'pharmocological' surgery needed. if worse come to it, at least try non-lifetime-addicting drugs---the 'anti-depressent tricyclics and maoi's'... (10 replies)
Anxiety and Body
Oct 12, 2004
... terns are not what they used to be and concentration, forget it. Thats just a couple of things that come to mind. I used to not be bothered by anything and now everything bothers me. ... (18 replies)
... I just wanna stop worrying, my thoughts flit from one thing to another, all scary...everything bothers me and I anaylse every feeling or pain in my body. I keep thinking I am dying. ... (6 replies)
... About 8 months ago I had some light chest pains that would come and go but nothing major. My doctor sent me for a stress test and everything was normal. I competed in two triathlons and had no issues. However, about 3 months ago, I started getting some lightheadedness as well. ... (4 replies)
I hate this
Oct 10, 2005
... not that i WANT to, but it's just random recurring thoughts in my head. i also think of my family members dying, being killed, and even me going crazy. it upsets and bothers me very much. also, lately i'm scared to death of watching any scary movies or even shows that involve guns, and killing. ... (11 replies)

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