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... minutes after falling asleep with heartracing shaky feeling. I have it happen every now and then and I will wake up with my heart racing and feel all shaky. ... (4 replies)
... I don't have the sleep anxiety anymore, the beta blocker i'm taking helps with that, so my heart doesn't race before going to bed and my BP doesn't elevate. ... (9 replies)
... Does anyone else experience a heightened anxiety right before falling asleep, right when you are in the state of just conking out? ... (9 replies)

... hi. I seem to get mini anxiety attacks as I'm falling Asleep. Does anybody else experience this and what have you done to help this. Thanks. ... (5 replies)
... I don't take xanax alot because I'm scared of medication, but I do have some. I've noticed the pass couple times I've been taking it, as I'm falling asleep I get this weird feeling that wakes me. It's hard to explain but it's kind of like an electric jolt in my head, but I fall right back to sleep. ... (0 replies)
... For me I'll either have the panic attack right before I fall asleep or two hours into falling asleep. I agree with you all it's hard to live with the panic disorder but hopefully in time we all can get help for it... ... (4 replies)
... I Have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep because of insomnia/anxiety/panic attacks/phobias/depression/etc and I tend to get really hyper and alert at night. I could be lying in bed thinking for hours about the most random thoughts...from thinking of whats on TV tomarrow to gruesome acts of violence or I'll be lying in bed thinking I'm having a heart attack because... (5 replies)
... hi, sorry for all the posts, i have problems.. Does anyone get both of their feet falling asleep, this never happened to me. ususally its just one feet but both are my feet are dead and i cant walk... ... (5 replies)
... While I've listed most of my ills and ailments above, the primary reason I'm here today is to talk about my anxiety and insomnia. ... (0 replies)
Nocturnal anxiety
Nov 22, 2010
... Hello guys. I have been suffering from anxiety and stress for a long time now. Ever since i was starting out my teens. I'm 19 now and struggling to make it in college. ... (1 replies)
... I have had trouble falling and staying asleep for over 5 years now. My main problem is worrying if I will fall asleep tonight. I may fall asleep for an hour and then I pop right up, like I've slept for hours. ... (3 replies)
... I used to have a major complex about falling asleep. It went on for years like this, with a few breaks from it now and then. ... (4 replies)
... She keeps falling asleep standing up, while talking to someone, washing up etc. Earlier she fell asleep on top of the stairs and fell all the way down. ... (14 replies)
Constant Anxiety
Mar 24, 2005
... I do. Every single day I have anxiety. Especially at night. I get panic attacks too. But the anxiety is my big problem. I feel like I can't get a good breath, chest pains, heart palpatations, dizziness.... ... (8 replies)
... i have read all these posts from the spring of last year tonight. After reading them all, I know falling asleep and ready for bed. I too have some of the symptoms that you guys have. ... (98 replies)
... jolts, immediately after falling asleep. ... (12 replies)
... but after 2 hours of sleep i wake up and my hands feel like they been asleep. i have been getting 2 or less hours of sleep for the past month and a half. can anxiety wake you up or prevent you from falling asleep? ... (3 replies)
... the butterflies in the stomach before making a speech, heart pounding after a near car accident, the tension felt waiting for the results of a test. Anxiety or fear is a normal response to a threatening situation. Some level of anxiety can be helpful. ... (0 replies)
... fold, becasue I am goingthrugh the deep sadness of lossing someone I love very much, but also, having to cope all alone with the terrifying anxiety that sadness brings with it. ... (5 replies)
... like sound as if it is behind my ear drums, comes and goes. But the falling asleep thing is the worst. I will be on the verge of falling asleep and all of the sudden, I feel this awful dreadful stun gun type feeling that jolts me awake and then the pulsating thing starts and there goes my night of sleep. ... (1 replies)

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