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... For me getting frustrated and fed up was wonderful because thats what it took for me to say ok enough im gonna do what I have to do to feel good again.Carly gave some very good advice. ... (6 replies)
... I agree with the fed up feeling. I remember when I first went through anxiety a few years ago. I didn't think anything would work. Eventually it did, thatnk God. Remember, you will make it. maybe not today or even tomorrow, but you will. ... (7 replies)
... thinking back to when i felt well and was a person who lived life to the full. doctors in england are fed up of me i dont like going anymore because they just tell me to live with it , i would like to see them living with it . ... (99 replies)

... Anxiety course off of ebay, and I have been working with that, and she is heaven sent I swear by her program. ... (31 replies)
... they is a special therapy for this using a light box. I wonder if what you are going through could be called seasonal anxiety and if the same type of therapy would help. Talk to you doctor about it. ... (16 replies)
... been so scared due to the fear of becoming a lithargic Zombie while on it! I've read so many posts of people who've had ups and downs while on it and finally got fed up and tried to get off it, only to find they went back to there old state of mind or WORSE after getting off it. ... (4 replies)
... I've had increasing Anxiety due to a physical ailment over three months ago. ... (11 replies)
... nd then a 12 pad ecg, blood tests nd all obs done and they told me it was a panic attack and I carried on the 250 mile drive. Since then I've been in a state of anxiety nd convinced I've got a heart prob. I've been here before and had a 24 hr tape test, ecg and treadmill test and all was clear, that was 15 years ago thou. ... (1 replies)
... Day 6. What a morning... I woke expecting to have anxiety as I have for the last nearly 3 weeks straight and there was none at all. It never came. ... (53 replies)
... i feel so out of it all the time that its hard to do normal things all i look forward is to go to sleep and thats not normal then im scared im not going to wake up i feel that out of it . nothings working with me thats why i always question is it anxiety ? ... (5 replies)
... I came down with a mystery illness two years ago. ... (16 replies)
Hi Can Anyone Help
Mar 21, 2005
... anxiety disorder.....I'm finding it ver hard to coem to9 terms with......I just get really fed up because i have so many physical symptoms even restless leg syndrome...... ... (1 replies)
... hi brooke, i havent , yet i cant find the number, i feel that bad i find it really hard getting up in a morning , and had a really bad weekend i just cry and just want to go back to myself , i just feel out of it allday long and its horrible , my husband tells me not to think about it , but how can you not when you dont hear the alarm clock because you feel that out of it , i... (99 replies)
... i was just wondering if anyone else has this. i can't really figure out if it's a heart, anxiety or a GI issue. it happens when i am laying down. sometimes when i'm asleep it will wake me up. ... (0 replies)
... There are all too many of us with very similar and worse stories. ... (7 replies)
... Im sorry that this "demon" has crept up on you again. I can totally relate to what you are going through. I was diagnosed with GAD and Panic Disorder when I was 14 years old, and I am now 39. So I have been dealing with this for 25 years myself. ... (7 replies)
... hi there just another up date, i went to a horse show on sunday, it was a all day event. ... (8 replies)
... I just wanted to see if anyone else had tried and had success with acupuncture. I just started it recently and the guy doing it said he has had "great success" with treating anxiety and depression. ... (0 replies)
... feel really really out of it like ive had loads of drink and i cant seem to get shut of it , i cant seem to think i will get out of this and im not sure this is anxiety , please help what can i do ? ... (7 replies)
Mar 19, 2007
... to a lesser or greater extent. Had lots of tests when it started and docs said it was anxiety and stress, though nothing I've tried has helped and four years on I'm no better off though I'm now getting very depressed about it. ... (1 replies)

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